Celebrities keep us guessing every year with their totally inspired baby names. From Audio Science to Zowie Bowie, North West and Pilot Inspektor, it can be a daunting task to keep up with all the creative celebrity baby names out there. We understand. This infographic from The Baby Box Company will help you keep all of your favorite celebrities’ baby names straight, because, let’s face it, some are — well… Moxie Crimefighter?!? Enough said. Who knows? If you keep this list around, maybe you’ll find your next baby name inspiration. After all, Harley Quinn is pretty cute, and your mini could totally pull it off.


While some of these names are undoubtedly… um… different, we have to give props to people like Alicia Silverstone and her little Bear Blu and Alicia Keys and baby Egypt.

What do you think is the most unique baby name? Any you would consider? We’re dying to know!

(feature image via Craig Barritt/Stringer)