Do you ever forget to turn your curling iron off when you leave the house? Want to turn your bedroom light off while you’re already all comfy in bed? Wish the hall light would turn on when you walked by? Belkin’s new product family of products, WeMo, can do all that and more.

WeMo lets you control anything you can plug into the wall with an app. Using your home WiFi, a mobile internet connection, and its “switches,” you can turn any outlet (or all of them) into an automated part of your home.

The beauty of this system partially lies in how incredibly simple it is to use. You take a free app and purchase as many switches as you want, depending on how many outlet-powered parts of your home you want to automate. The switches come in two varieties: with motion sensor and without. The pay-per-switch method lets you decide if you want to control everything in your home with your phone… or just be able to turn your coffee pot on from the comfort of your bed. Plus, once you get a switch, you can change it around as needed, experimenting with the optimal placement for your needs.

Unlike Vivint, a similar product that we’ve talked about in the past, which is paid monthly and activated by professionals, WeMo provides you with products to let you set up the service yourself. We like both options for automating your home, but definitely see the different application and benefits to each.

How would you use WeMo? What’s your favorite home automation product or service? How much do you love it that we live in the future!? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us your opinions.