There are a lot of resources out there right now telling you what to buy your significant other for the holidays. And the good news is that the internet can be a truly incredible place, full of opportunities for creative gifting and cool presents that will have your special someone singing your praises for months to come. Whether you鈥檙e in search of the perfect budget-friendly stocking stuffer for your S.O. or a gift that鈥檚 a tad fancier for the techie you love, you can pretty much bet we鈥檝e got your back with our handy holiday gift guides.

But who鈥檚 out there raising the red flags on what not to buy? Who鈥檚 making sure you鈥檙e checking yourself before you hit 鈥減urchase鈥 on something that seems really cool to you, but might send the totally wrong message? Who鈥檚 protecting you from the pitfalls?

Well, we鈥檙e doing that too. Keep scrolling for seven types of gifts that could quite possibly be the worst things for you to give your significant other this holiday season. Consider yourself warned.

1. Anything That Feels Inappropriately Extravagant: Are you in a new-ish relationship? We鈥檙e talkin鈥 to you! We know you want to do something super nice for your first holiday with bae, but going over the top with a big or expensive gift is just not the way to do it. Focus instead on something that feels thoughtful, simple, and sweet. eHarmony鈥榮 Chief of Advice Jeannie Assimos recommends whipping up a batch of homemade baked goods or making a donation in your S.O.鈥檚 name to an organization that鈥檚 meaningful to them.

2. A Pet: (Cue groans and sighs of disappointment all over the world.) Sorry. We know it鈥檚 pretty magical to imagine a fluffy kitten or floppy puppy jumping directly out of a box and into your significant other鈥檚 lap on Christmas morning, but gifting a pet is just not the smartest move. 鈥淓verybody loves cute animals, and receiving a puppy under the tree sounds so romantic,鈥 says Jonathan Bennett of The Popular Man. 鈥淗owever, animals are ultimately a big investment, and getting one should be a carefully thought-out decision made by the future owner 鈥 not a surprise gift.鈥

3. Anything That Seems Like It鈥檚 Meant to Help Them Complete a Chore: While many people love a practical gift, it鈥檚 important to toe the line between 鈥減ractical鈥 and 鈥淗ey, when are you going to clean the garage?鈥 Lifestyle blogger McKinzie Brocali wants you to toe that line extra carefully when shopping for your special someone this holiday season. 鈥淚t鈥檚 one thing to give your car enthusiast husband a detailing kit,鈥 she says. 鈥淚t鈥檚 another to give your wife a broom and dustpan set.鈥 Oh no, you didn鈥檛!

4. A Gift Card: Three Matches relationship expert Margaux Cassuto calls impersonal gifts like cash or a gift card a big no-no. 鈥淚t shows a lack of thought and attention and defeats the very purpose of a gift,鈥 she says. Take the time to figure out what your S.O. would actually buy if you gave them a gift card 鈥 then go buy it!

5. Anything Related to One of Your Passions or Interests: It鈥檚 one thing to encourage your significant other to test out one of your favorite hobbies with you, but don鈥檛 make that the theme of their holiday gift! If bae鈥檚 never been golfing before, they shouldn鈥檛 be on the receiving end of a new set of golf clubs this year, no matter how much you love the sport. If this sounds like you, Candice Baehr 鈥 founder and CEO of gifting company Dashing聽in the City 鈥 recommends that you gift your S.O. with an experience that he or she can enjoy while you鈥檙e out golfing (or doing whatever else you love to do). Go for something that will be more their speed, like a trip to the spa or tickets to a show.

6. Anything That Might Feel Mean-Spirited, Even If It鈥檚 Given With the Best Intentions: These kinds of gifts are just a recipe for an awkward holiday. Need examples? consumer affairs expert Natasha Rachel Smith lists diet-related items and self-help books in this category. Stay far, far away!

7. Household Appliances: If you鈥檝e ever seen Father of the Bride 鈥 and if you haven鈥檛, you鈥檇 better get on that ASAP 鈥 you know how this can end (鈥淚 thought something for the apartment鈥 maybe a new clock or a cool phone or a great art book or something鈥 but a blender? I mean, what is this? 1958? Give the little wife a blender?鈥). Justin Lavelle, chief communications officer for BeenVerified, drives this point home, with a few exceptions. 鈥淚f he or she specifically asks for an item鈥 then by all means, go ahead,鈥 he says. 鈥淭his may [also] not apply if you are buying for someone who is a hobbyist. They may very much appreciate and look forward to getting a toolbox or the latest cooking gadget for the holidays.鈥

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