Summer has just ended, but it’s still hot outside. Or at least, that’s your excuse for why you’re sweating so much. If the real reason you’re not wearing white after Labor Day (or ever) is because you’re afraid of the sweat stains, we feel you. Not all of us can get through the day on just one quick swipe of deodorant.

You might have finally perfected your sweat-proof makeup game (you’re welcome), but what about the rest of you, the rest of the time? If you’re an excessive perspirer, there’s no shame in that — it’s your body, and that’s how it cools off! But here are some ways to cope so you can wear a fall sweater, not be one.

sweaty woman after workout

1. Check your bathroom cabinet and make sure you have the right supplies. So often the words “deodorant” and “antiperspirant” are used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. Deodorant just masks odor caused by bacteria that forms in sweat; antiperspirant actually stops sweat from happening. If you’ve been dealing with major sweat for awhile (or you’re just really into word roots), you’re probably like, “duh.” If not, we may have just saved you the time of reading the rest of these tips.

2. Swipe at night. No, not Tinder. Your deodorant/antiperspirant of choice. That’ll give it more time to absorb, without being washed away by sweat during the day before it can become active.

3. Try some dress shields. They’re kind of like pantyliners, but for your pits. You stick them in the underarms of your outfit, and they’ll absorb any excess moisture. Yes, these are real things that exist — you don’t have to resort to putting actual pantyliners up your shirt.

4. Cut out strong-flavored and spicy foods. According to the health pros at the Mayo Clinic, foods like garlic and peppers can not only make you sweat more, but also make you more… fragrant.

Thirsty African American woman drinking water.

5. Quit your vices. Drinking and smoking are not dry pit-friendly, and honestly, you should be cutting back on the former and quitting the latter for your overall health anyway. According to WebMD, when you drink too much, your body can’t metabolize the alcohol quickly enough, and the blood vessels in your skin dilate, leading to — you guessed it — sweat. And nicotine releases a chemical in your body called acetylcholine, which stimulates your sweat glands and also increases your heart rate and blood pressure… which also leads to sweat. The one vice you can keep: binge-watching TV shows. Thank goodness, right?

6. Ease up on the coffee. You’re constantly hearing about why you should switch to decaf, and here’s yet another reason. explains that caffeine directly affects your nervous system. And for some people, overstimulation from caffeine can trigger a sweat attack.

7. Talk to your doctor. If the clothing hacks, diet adjustments and drugstore stuff just aren’t cutting it, you might want to consider asking your doctor for an antiperspirant that’s prescription-strength. They may even officially diagnose you with hyperhidrosis, the clinical term for abnormally excessive sweating, and recommend better ways to manage it.

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