Have a kitchen remodel coming up? Consider outfitting your kitchen with drawers under the counters instead of cabinets. We know cabinets are what you’re used to, but the ease of use and space-saving potential of drawers are making them more popular in kitchens around the world. (They’re all over IKEA kitchens!) And we’re betting that making this swap and installing some drawers will really get your organization cooking. Scroll on to see why.

1. You’ll actually save space! Although it may seem like drawers would steal storage space and limit the number of items you can keep in your kitchen, the opposite is true. Drawers allow you to store oddly shaped or taller items (like a food processor or a spiralizer) more easily because they don’t have to fit under shelves. And with drawers, you’ll be able to store more things, because your items will be packed in a more efficient way. (Photo via Reform)

2. It’s easier to keep things organized. Drawers lend themselves to easy organization, even for bigger items like pans and other kitchen tools, as seen above. The deeper and wider the drawers, the better. Get yourself a couple in-drawer organizers (like small boxes or dividers) and soon everything will have a designated spot. (Photo via A Beautiful Mess)

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3. Your stuff is easier to access. How many times have you sat on the floor digging through a cabinet where the items are piled on top of each other — or tried to fish something out without knocking over a precariously balanced stack? With drawers, everything is in clear view and easy to access. And you won’t have to pull everything out to get to your colander (or stock pot, cake stand, or anything else) ever again.

4. Drawers can fill awkward spots. Toe kick drawers (drawers that take up the space at the very bottom of your cabinets, commonly called the “toe kick”) are a great option for previously unused areas. These little drawers are perfect for flat items like cookie sheets and platters. Vertical drawers can also be an efficient way to fill other “dead” spaces.

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