For many of us, 2017 was a doozy, but we here at Brit + Co are ready to hit refresh in 2018! Follow our Hit Refresh series through January for new ideas, hacks, and skills that will help you achieve (and maintain!) those New Year’s resolutions.

Admit it: Your pantry organization has seen better days. Between the endless boxes of snacks and the 20 minutes it takes you to find the cornstarch, your kitchen pantry is in dire need of an overhaul — and what better motivation than the start of a new year? This year, take control of your kitchen and set up a pantry that’ll put even Martha to shame (Stewart, that is). From pantries featuring a refreshing pop of color to containers that’ll make your neat-freak dreams come true, scroll on down and find all the inspo you need to make 2018 your most organized year yet.


1. Free Printable Hand-Lettered Pantry Labels: The devil is in the details. Hand-lettered labels and sweet pops of pink give this girlish pantry a very feminine and well-designed appeal. (via The Creativity Exchange)


2. Adjustable Shelving: Your pantry is constantly evolving. If you’re always mixing things up (pun intended), give your kitchen wall a flexible organization system with a unit that lets you adjust the shelves to always fit your needs. (via HGTV)

3. Light, Bright, and Organized: We’re loving this pantry for its mix of woven baskets, copper baskets, and jars. Mix it up in your own space with an all-white backdrop.


4. Compartmentalize Containers: For those of you who already have a tidy pantry, take your kitchen closet to the next level by organizing your containers by shape and size. The uniform look of every shelf is seriously making us swoon. (via Classy Clutter)


5. Cubby System: There’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. Turn your pantry into a gorgeous display with cubbies that separate your food into categories. (via HGTV)


6. Plastic Refrigerator Dividers: Okay, so this isn’t exactly your pantry… but your fridge needs some love too! Spruce up your overcrowded fridge or pantry with simple, clean plastic bins that still let you clearly see what you have in stock. (via Shelterness)

7. Low Drawers and Labels: A low drawer with wide-mouthed jars make for organized and easy snacking. Just make sure you have the perfect balance of savory and sweet.

Industrial Pantry

8. Industrial Pantry: While being organized is all well and good, let’s not forget the overall style of your home. Keep in line with your decor’s industrial vibes with this iron and wood shelving unit. (via Home Talk)

Pantry Finished, RS picnic, Chocolate Cake 092

9. Wallpapered Pantry: You have your sleek containers and you’ve organized all your canned goods. What’s next? Adding a bit of wallpaper, natch! Elevate your kitchen corner by applying a pretty pattern for a stylish finishing touch. (via House of the Smiths)


10. DIY Farmhouse Pantry: This is a pantry Ms. Patmore would definitely approve of (PSA: If you’ve never seen Downton Abbey, perhaps now is the time to start). Give your pantry a charming, rustic appeal with dark wood shelves that’ll add some warmth to the space. (via Little Glass Jar)


11. IKEA BILLY Bookcase Pantry Hack: Revamping your entire home for the start of the new year? Before you toss out your old bookcase, repurpose it for your kitchen organization kick! This hack is perfect for kitchens lacking a full pantry space. (via A Savory Treat)


12. Library of Jars: This pantry is a home chef’s dream. Ingredients become a bona fide work of art with uniform jars for every spice, cereal, and sugary snack. (via Escapade)


13. DIY $10 Pantry Chip Rack: Put your midnight munchie addiction on full display. Organize your vast collection of savory treats with this wall-mounted chip rack. (via Eleven Magnolia Lane)


14. Shoe Rack Hack: One man’s shoe rack is another man’s spice holder. Repurpose your old shoe rack as the perfect storage for all of your stray kitchen goods. (via Pretty Province)


15. Pretty Pot Storage: Pantry storage isn’t just reserved for food. Utilize all the space your pantry has to offer by putting your pots and pans on display. (via Eclectic Everyday)


16. Wine Racks: Wine is an essential part of your diet. Give your reserves the display they deserve by adding a wine rack to your polished pantry. (via HGTV)


17. Pantry Cart: In a world where we have bar carts, makeup carts, and cleaning carts, it’s high time we started using carts for pantry storage. Whether you need to transport supplies or simply add storage space, stocking a cart in your pantry will help you get (and stay!) organized. (via HGTV)


18. Pantry Drawers: Take your pantry shelves one step further by adding some drawers into the mix. This system is handy for pulling out just what you need without rummaging through the entire shelf. (via HGTV)

19. Labels on Labels: When it comes to food storage, one can never have too many labels… or jars or baskets.

20. Pantry Cabinet: Create a cooking command center with a pantry cabinet full of jars, baskets, a shopping list, and all your measuring spoons.

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