Once you know basic coding skills, the possibilities are endless. Seriously, coding can actually change your life. Whether you’re coding your own profile page, online portfolio, blog or heck, even a personalized wedding website, there’s no limit to your creativity. So how do you get started?

We have TWO online classes taught by coding guru Allison House. The beginner class, HTML + CSS Coding, will teach you how to code and design a web page in under an hour. And her followup class, Coding: From Web Page to Website, will teach you how to build a personalized, multi-page website that will make your content stand out. Need more convincing? Scroll on for three reasons why you should take a coding online class this weekend.



Your brain loves a challenge. But instead of picking up a Sudoku book, try your hand at building a new website or online application. Just take our introduction to coding course to get started. Then, you can play around with existing code templates (there are a lot out there!) before moving on to your own custom development. You’ll definitely feel a sense of self-reliance and accomplishment when you learn how to build something with your hands on the web. And hey, you’re basically learning a new language. Programming language, that is. ;)


You can finally create a personalized blog, portfolio or website that’s designed completely by YOU. No more third-party templates that everyone else is using. It’ll take some work. There will be trial and error, and a little research here and there, but once you know the basic skills, you can work on building the wireframes and custom design for your site. If you’re looking to learn programming languages like HTML + CSS specifically, you’ll definitely want to take Allison’s classes.


Coding is one of those skills that will always look good on your professional resume. Web development jobs are in high-demand, and a well-rounded portfolio of skills like coding will help push you to the top of the list with future employers.


Ready to get started? Enroll in our HTML + CSS Coding and Coding: From Web Page to Website classes today!

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