Welp, welcome to your worst nightmare. Or your best dream… depending on your stance on planes, heights, enclosed spaces and hurling yourself through the air like you’re Willy freaking Wonka in the Great Glass Elevator. Despite the window-ful appearances of this mock-up, this concept plane is actually designed with no windows at all. It sounds crazy, but a UK company thinks the idea has merit and is hoping to make it a reality within the next decade.

To achieve the head-in-the-clouds effect, the cabin and seat backs would be lined with smart displays that allow for panoramic views of the actual view, using cameras mounted to the exterior of the plane. Is anyone else thinking this sounds like a recipe for filling up barf bags?

The plane design isn’t just for novelty. Removing the windows actually means less weight, less fuel and savings in terms of both wallets and CO2 emissions. That’s at least something that doesn’t make us nauseous.

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