Much like Lorde, I’m mystified by the wondrous world of royals. Cristal (um, we’re happy with a nice bottle of the house Prosecco, thx), Maybach (I had to look that up = a baller car), diamonds on your timepiece (you can afford a super nice watch AND monthly iPhone payments?!). And now, something’s come along that’s more glamorous than ball gowns and more WTF-worthy than tigers on a gold leash: a first-class plane seat suite that costs $43,000. And it includes a butler.

In an effort to outshine its long haul competitors, United Arab Emirates airline carrier Etihad is installing a three-room suite called The Residence in its new Airbus A380 London-bound flights starting in late December. The 125-square-foot suite accommodates up to two classy travelers with luxuries like a double bed, private bathroom with shower, lounge with a 32-inch flatscreen TV (+ ample legroom). Oh, and a butler and a personal chef. Would you blame us if the rest of this article was just exclamation points? (!!!!!!!!!)!

While we’re fairly certain that we’ll never be able to experience the most luxurious way to fly IRL (we fly Virgin Atlantic in our dreams), we can peep what it will be like for the special few who live large in the friendly skies.

Right this way to your own personal air cabana! Of course, sliding doors mean extreme privacy.

When double-wide first class seats just won’t cut it, relax in your very own Mad Men-eque lounge. All the legroom you could ever dream up, and SO. MUCH. STORAGE SPACE!

The ensuite bathroom features fluffy towels, a cozy robe and a glass shower stall. If that’s not equipped with a wireless speaker shower head, we’re gonna have to ask for our money back. Jk, there’s totally enough room on the countertop for a Jambox.

Fact: This two-sleeper in the sky is nicer than my current bedroom. Just imagine for a sec… cuddling up under Egyptian cotton sheets, winking at your butler as he brought you breakfast in bed (come on, you’d have to), and enjoying a restaurant-quality meal as you descend toward your fabulous final destination. We’ll add it to our “if/when we win the next Powerball” to do list.

What do you think about this insanely luxe air suite? What’s the nicest sitch you’ve ever flown in? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Co. Design)