We didn鈥檛 think there was anything better than a day at the spa until we heard about a day at the spa that includes wine and chocolate . Yep, it鈥檚 true. Spa Evangeline , part of the Epicurean Hotel in Tampa, Florida, specializes in treatments that revolve around all things culinary. From cooking classes to an award-winning restaurant and even an on-site chocolate shop, this place is completely dedicated to food.


Spa Evangeline is dedicated to the idea of pampering your body and your palate.


Naturally, each treatment is paired with a glass of wine and takes place in a room named after a particular blend.


A seasonal homemade snack spread gives you something to munch on in the waiting room, and even the walls of the spa pay tribute to true foodie fashion.


A massive cork wall built from 20,000 corks provides the perfect backdrop to down a glass of Pinot. (Anyone up for an intense DIY? All you need to do is saw thousands of corks in half, then hot glue them to the wall! Maybe a small wall hanging would be a bit more feasible :)


But the treatments themselves are where it gets interesting 鈥 the menu (literally) includes homegrown mint, cilantro and other fresh ingredients from the live herb wall in the spa.


Just a sampling of the menu gets our mouths watering: The Quintessential Cabernet Massage uses a grape and brown sugar scrub, and the Dulce Delight includes a butter br没l茅e wrap followed by a dark chocolate mask. Yes, please. The sweetness of the treatments is topped only by that of the staff 鈥 all local-ingredient enthusiasts, the spa 鈥渟ommeliers鈥 can even work with you to create a custom product according to your tastes to use during your pampering session or to take home.


For those of us that can鈥檛 make the trip to Tampa, there鈥檚 still hope. Plenty of Spa Evangeline鈥檚 signature treatments have simple DIY roots using local ingredients. They鈥檙e known for their FarmHouse Fresh seasonal treatments, and the concept is simple. Just think about in-season produce, and make a simple scrub at home inspired by nature鈥檚 current specials. At the height of summer, we鈥檙e thinking lemon and honey, or if you鈥檙e feeling a little more adventurous, maybe tequila and watermelon!

What do you think about a foodie spa? We鈥檙e eating it up! Tell us what you think in the comments!

(Photos via Anna Petrow and Epicurean Hotel )