There’s nothing quite like snuggling up for a favorite Netflix movie, covering your toes under a warm blanket and digging into your favorite ice cream sundae. Or maybe your favorite memory is chowing down on a juicy BBQ burger in the summer, followed up by a much-needed popsicle. However you love it, ice cream is always the right choice. That’s why you shouldn’t let the snow outside stop you from eating the best dessert around. The Internet (not to mention your local ice cream shop) is full of ice cream inspired by winter flavors like cinnamon, citrus and vanilla. Cool down from sitting by the fire with one of these ice cream recipes that will make you forget it’s winter!


1. Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Ice Cream: If you ever wished you could eat a churro in ice cream form, this is your chance. Cinnamon ice cream is swirled with creamy, sweet and salty dulce de leche sauce and stuffed with cinnamon crunch bits for a dessert that will have you dreaming of South America. (via A Latte Food)


2. Lavender Blueberry Honey Ice Cream: Although ice cream might taste perfect on a bright and sunny day, this lavender-infused recipe will make winter feel like summer. If you’re looking for a recipe to experiment with on a snow day, this ice cream featuring lavender essential oil is a good place to start. (via Cooking and Beer)


3. Vegan Coconut Matcha Ice Cream Cakes: If your New Year’s Resolution was to eat healthier, this ice cream is a great way to keep your resolution strong while still enjoying dessert. You’ll use your high-powered blender to make your own coconut ice cream for these mini-cakes. (via Elephantastic Vegan)


4. Marshmallow No-Churn Ice Cream: You don’t need an ice cream machine to make this creamy, fireside-inspired dessert. Enjoy a bowl of this while you plan your summer camping trip. (via Jelly Toast)

No Churn Orange Ice Cream

5. No Churn Orange Ice Cream: Bright citrus flavors can really lift your spirits during a dark winter. All you need for a cheery orange ice cream is an orange, powdered sugar, cream and a lime, so you have no excuses not to make this! (via Your Homebased Mom)


6. Inutak: This Filipino dessert will have you dreaming of a tropical vacation. Inutak is made using a rice cake base of purple sweet potato and topped with your favorite ice cream for a memorable dessert. (via Ang Sarap)


7. No-Churn Oreo Peppermint Ice Cream: Ice cream isn’t just for summer. Use up your peppermint extract from the holidays in this easy no-churn ice cream! (via A Cookie Named Desire)


8. Cinnamon Maple Ice Cream: Cinnamon is one of those spices that just invokes winter — it warms you up and makes your house smell like the season. This is sweetened only with maple syrup, so you can enjoy dessert while still eating healthy. (via Breezy Bakes)


9. Keto Eggnog Ice Cream: The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy eggnog. It’s made from coconut milk, which makes it Paleo friendly too. (via KetoDiet Blog)


10. Pumpkin Pie Nice Cream Sandwiches: The only thing better than nice cream (aka ice cream made of frozen bananas) is nice cream sandwiches. The cookies are made of rolled oats, dates and brown rice syrup and stuffed with nice cream made with a little pumpkin extract. (via A Sunshine Mission)

coconut cinnamon

11. Cinnamon Coconut Pecan Vegan Ice Cream: Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you don’t need dessert. This recipe uses ingredients you likely have in your pantry — coconut milk, maple syrup and pecans. (via Baking, Cooking, Having Fun)


12. Cookies and Cream Nice Cream Sundae: Don’t wait until summer to eat your first sundae of the year. Whip up a batch of banana nice cream and raw vegan cookies, then top it with peanut butter and nuts for a raw dessert that tastes as good as it looks. (via A Sunshine Mission)

Pistachio Gelato By Hand (No Ice Cream Maker Required!) 1_edited-1

13. Pistachio Gelato by Hand: Spend a snowy afternoon making ice cream! You’ll have to whisk this pistachio ice cream every 30-45 minutes, but the end result is so worth it. (via The Stay at Home Chef)


14. Cereal Milk Soft Serve: Snow days bring nostalgic memories of eating cereal in front of the TV when you have the day off school. Make a grown-up version of this childhood favorite into dessert and top with your favorite cereal. (via Erin Made This)


15. Thin Mint Cookie Ice Cream: Winter does have one positive — it’s Girl Scout Cookie season! Buy an extra box of Thin Mints to turn into ice cream this year. (via Beyond Frosting)

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