We take booze breaks for a number of reasons: training for a marathon, going paleo, getting pregnant. The list goes on. Whatever the reason, laying off the sauce can be a great way to dial up your mixology creativity, save a few bucks and feel a little healthier. How about a dairy-free virgin eggnog? Or a two-ingredient mocktail that is sure to be your most liked Instagram post ever? Yum. Below are nine of the most festive, colorful and delicious booze-free winter mocktail recipes of the season.


1. Peppermint Eggnog: Get doubly decadent with a rich egg nog decorated with a chocolate and peppermint rim for a warming dessert tipple. (via PopSugar)


2. Rock Candy and Ginger Ale Mocktail: If simplicity and photo-readiness are your priorities, this gussied-up ginger ale is the ticket. Playful rock candy garnishes served in festive stemware elevate this one-ingredient wonder to a sophisticated and all-ages crowd-pleaser. (via ParentPretty)


3. Coquito Smoothie: Inspired by the traditional Puerto Rican holiday punch Coquito, this little dairy-free, egg-free smoothie has all the warming holiday flavors, with more nutrients than any of your standard boozy concoctions. (via SeriousEats)


4. Pomegranate Blackberry, Orange Pomegranate and Raspberry Red Currant Mocktails: Sparkling variations on an antioxidant-rich theme are high on festive color and low in sugar. Using seasonal fruits, a splash of fresh juice and some sparkling water, they are super easy to throw together for guests or a fancy night in. (via Tasse D’amour)


5. Holiday Eggnog: How vegan and alcohol free can feel so naughty but be so nice is a delicious holiday mystery. The perfect touch of sweetness comes from maple syrup, and a creamy richness comes from a little spoonful of melted coconut butter. (via Ecosalon)


6. Mango Mule: For those celebrating the holidays in a warmer climate, this one’s for you. Refreshing citrus and mango shake up your standard Mule. Serve it in a proper Mule copper cup to make it legit. (via Town and Country)


7. Spicy Raspberry Lemon Cooler: A lemonade-inspired spicy sparkler, this citrusy refresher mixes it up with frozen raspberries and a hit of ginger beer for warmth. (via Fabtastic Eats)


8. Sleigh Driver: Eating Well knows a thing or two about healthy takes on the classics, and upgrades the traditional hot cider with cranberry, pear and vanilla. (via EatingWell)


9. Cherry Bomb: Sweet, sparkly and so festive. Warning: You’ll need to leave enough time to make and chill a tray of grenadine ice cubes before serving, but it’s so worth it to sip this grown up Shirley Temple. (via Martha Stewart)

What’s your booze-free go to? Let us know in the comments!