When it comes to seasonal sips, the White Russian is the bee’s knees in the winter. You may gravitate toward warm ciders and coffee cocktails when the weather turns frosty, but nothing warms the soul quite like a creamy White Russian. Just ask The Dude! The best thing about them is that the base is simple, so you can easily build on it with your favorite flavors. Perhaps raspberry or chai tea will tickle your fancy? We gathered 17 top-notch recipes so you can enjoy a variety of White Russians all winter long.


1. Caramel Creme Brulee White Russian: Any cocktail that involves crushing caramel candies as a garnish is a winner. Finish with whipped cream and caramel, and you have your dessert and cocktail all in one glass. (via Three Yummy Tummies)


2. Chai White Russian: Replace the typical coffee liqueur of a White Russian with spicy chai tea concentrate. The drink may be chilled, but it will still warm you from the inside out. (via Hey Modest Marce)


3. Chocolate White Russian: Chocolate syrup isn’t just for the kiddos. Add a squirt to your classic White Russian and you’ve produced the best grown-up chocolate milk ever. (via Basil and Bubbly)


4. Coconut Milk White Russians: Classic White Russians are made with cream or half and half. To veganize it, switch the cow’s milk for full-fat coconut milk to remove the dairy but add plenty of flavor. (via A Thought for Food)


5. Eggnog White Russian: For a festive twist that’ll be delish even after the holidays, eggnog makes a great mixer. Stock up on the goods while you can and you could be drinking these babies well into the doldrums of winter. (via Port and Fin)


6. Gingerbread White Russian: Gingerbread liqueur and gingerbread-flavored Kahlua pack a major punch. Add vodka and top with heavy cream to make it even more indulgent. (via Sweet ReciPEAs)


7. Horchata White Russian: Homemade horchata is essential for making this cocktail the best it can be. Start the recipe in the morning, and by that evening, you’ll be relaxing by the fire with a glass of cinnamon-spiced deliciousness. (via Le Petit Eats)


8. White Russian Martini: Date night is the perfect opportunity to break out your best martini glasses. Amaze your partner with your marvelous mixology skills by shaking up this sweet concoction. (via I’m Bored, Let’s Go…)


9. Raspberry Russian: No coffee liqueur? No problem! Use black raspberry liqueur instead and you’ll have a tart replacement that *may* just be your new fave. (via Food Fanatic)


10. Salted Caramel White Russians: You’re only as fancy as your most recent cocktail consumption. Make it count with this Amaretto and Irish cream-spiked cocktail that has a hint of flaky Maldon salt. (via Lark and Linen)


11. Skinny White Russian: White Russians are decidedly heavy. This lighter version tastes just as indulgent but has WAY fewer calories thanks to soy milk creamer. (via The Cookie Rookie)


12. S’mores White Russians: When a cocktail calls for marshmallow simple syrup, you don’t ask questions. Make this on a cold night by the fire and prepare for the snuggliest time of your life. (via Meg is Well)


13. Vegan Frozen White Russian: Welcome to the booziest winter milkshake you’ve ever seen. When you’re all cozied up in your warm apartment, there’s no reason you can’t have a frozen drink or two. (via Crumb Kitchen)


14. White Russian Shots: If you’re not a fan of sipping on sweet drinks, perhaps this shot would go down nicely for you. It’s got all the same components of a White Russian, only in a compact package. (via Take Two Tapas)


15. Cinnamon White Russian: Infused simple syrups are the best way to steep a ton a flavor into your cocktails. To get the maximum cinnamon bang for your buck, simmer a stick with sugar and water, then use it to sweeten your White Russian as much as you like. (via Pinch of Yum)


16. Peppermint Mocha White Russian: If winter could have a specific flavor, it would totally be peppermint. Pair that with coffee liqueur and cream and you’ll be craving it every night of the week. (via With Salt and Wit)


17. Pumpkin Russian: Don’t cry over spoiled milk. Instead, add pumpkin coffee creamer to your White Russian and consider your day saved. (via Lively Table)

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