Coffee: We start our day with it; we get through afternoon lulls by eating treats infused with it; on chilly evenings, we curl up to read with it. Even during the dog days of summer, we’re slamming back iced coffees like it’s nobody’s biz. There’s always room for our beloved brew, no matter the occasion. So why not include it at cocktail hour? If you thought your list of fall cocktails was long enough, think again. These 14 liquored-up coffee drinks will have you wired for more.


1. Coffee and Eggnog: Eggnog is basically winter’s answer to pumpkin spice. Everyone freaks out at the first sighting of it. With this glorious cocktail as an option, you’ll be freaking out too. Coffee and eggnog simply belong together, so stock up. (via Dirty Whisk)


2. Skinny White Russian: Though cocktail hour was likely meant for *one* cocktail, who actually stops there? The bummer is that cocktails can be super high in calories. When you don’t want to drink all of your calories for the day, a lighter version of your fave aperitif is a godsend. (via The Cookie Rookie)


3. Chocolate Coffee Martini: Concocting a complex drink before winding down sort of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? You want easy. Luckily, this delectable chocolate martini is exactly that. Take your post-dinner coffee, dessert and cocktail, and roll them into one AH-mazing indulgence. (via Grey Is the New Black)


4. Chocolate Stout Affogato: If you find yourself exhausted at the end of the week and believe that #TreatYoSelf is the only hashtag to live by, this adult-y dessert bev is for you. The blend of espresso, beer and liqueur creates a mature flavor that is complex and rich without being overly sweet. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)


5. Nutty Russian: This coffee- and nut-based play on a traditional Black/White Russian is rich, smooth and a little *too* easy to knock back. You’ll definitely WOW your guests with this fun and eccentric spin on a classic. (via Sprinkles and Sprouts)


6. Tiramisu Martini: Some cocktails taste like dessert — and then some just downright are dessert. This swoon-worthy martini is an example of that. When the opportunity to serve fun and festive cocktails arises, hit your pals with a round of these. (via My Baking Addiction)


7. Loaded Christmas Ale: Some occasions call for fancy cocktails, while others call for a nice crisp ale. The holidays offer a great excuse to get creative and smack both ideas together, resulting in one heck of a treat. This cinnamon-dusted Christmas ale will have everyone talking. (via A Nerd Cooks)


8. Coconut Milk White Russians: A White Russian that vegans can enjoy? Cheers to that! This blend shakes things up by replacing the usual dairy with coconut milk. (via A Thought for Food)


9. Mocha Mudslide Hot Chocolate: This decadent treat is hands down the creamiest cocoa you’ve ever tasted. Add a strong coffee, plus both a coffee and a creamy liqueur, and perhaps Santa would appreciate this over a glass of milk this Christmas. (via Lemons for Lulu)


10. Extra Dirty Iced Chai Tea Latte: If you loved iced chai tea lattes before, you’ll be completely head over heels now (especially if you drink too many). This liquored-up chai latte is extra dirty, extra special and *extra* tasty. (via My Sequined Life)


11. The Nutty Irishman: This cocktail celebrates the Irish, but it *can* be enjoyed on days that aren’t St. Patrick’s Day — so we’re in luck. This beauty is a blend of coffee, Irish whiskey and smooth Baileys. Frangelico hazelnut liqueur can also be added. (via Creative Culinary)


12. The Bold Greek: Bring a bit of Greece right into your home in the form of an intense anise flavor. This bold cocktail includes a mix of brewed coffee, fennel syrup, coffee-flavored liqueur and a splash of citrus to bring it all together. (via Souvlaki for the Soul)


13. Sweet Cream Shooters: You’re having friends for dinner and everything is under control — the appetizer, the main, the salad — and then you realize you completely forgot about dessert! No worries. These decadent sweet cream shooters are a perfect treat, and only call for three ingredients. (via Crazy for Crust)


14. Gingerbread White Russian: When a classic White Russian just isn’t enough, the addition of ginger and molasses will create absolute *magic.* It’s the perfect twist to put on your cocktail this holiday season. (via Running to the Kitchen)

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