The fashion industry may be more inclusive than ever (did you SEE Ashley Graham’s smoking unretouched photoshoot for Vogue Italia?) but some companies are still missing the mark. Enter China-based brand Wish, which is selling plus-size tights with some seriously controversial images.

The stockings, which come in nude and black, are being advertised as “plus-size ultra elastic tights” and are meant to fit curvy women. Not only do the product photos not show a plus-size model wearing them however, they’re shown covering a model’s entire body.

In several brow-raising snaps, which have begun trending on Twitter, the tight-clad women can be seen actively doing their best to stretch the stockings as wide as they can, pulling them up well above their shoulders and in some images, covering half of their faces.

Shoppers were none too pleased with the images, with social media up in arms over the controversial shoot.

Yikes! While Metro reached out to Wish for comment a few days ago, the brand has not addressed the controversy and the tights are still up for sale.

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(Photos via Wish)