The Women’s March and the National Day Without Women were historic movements, to be sure, but the ladies behind the action, AKA the Women’s March organizers, are working on the front lines for women on off days too, with their 10 Actions/100 Days campaign. Unveiling a new plan of action every 10 days for President Trump’s first 100 days in office, they’re helping us all to stay in the never-ending fight for gender equality.

Now for the fifth action, rather than asking women around the country (and the world) to come together physically, their new strategy, Reflect and Resist, is putting more of a focus on coming together mentally. Their latest action “is designed to educate some, and refresh others, through study, reflection, and courageous conversations, so that we can all be empowered by, and learn from, the work of activists who came before us, while being mindful not to perpetuate the mistakes of the past,” the organizers explain.

Aiming to shine a light on “racial justice, gender justice, disability justice, labor justice, and more,” Reflect and Resist is hoping to spark learning, reflection, and discussion of all aspects of the feminist movement. So how can you take part? A great starting point is to choose from the 15 books, articles, and films shared on the official Women’s March site, which include 2016 documentary Major! and essays such as Why Lemonade Is for Black Women and This Is What I Mean When I Say “White Feminism.”

Whether you opt to read up on issues on your own, organize an epic and super empowering book club party, or invite all of your BFFs over for a feminist movie night, this just may be the easiest way to get involved yet.

What are you waiting for? Get your #ReflectandResist on!

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(h/t Bustle, photo via Daniel Pockett/Getty)