Though the Women’s March back in January was beyond impressive (in fact, it was a history-making event), you should know that it was only the beginning. The movement is still working hard to make sure that women’s rights are protected in these turbulent times. That’s the reason behind “A Day Without a Woman,” which is coming up soon and is intended to give the country a look at what our society would be like without the contributions and participation of, well, women.

Women's March

“On March 8th, International Women’s Day, women and our allies will act together creatively to withdraw from the corporations that harm us and find ways to support the businesses, organizations and communities that sustain us,” the website explains before asking folks to consider three questions:

1. Do businesses support our communities, or do they drain our communities?

2. Do they strive for gender equity or do they support the policies and leaders that perpetuate oppression?

3. Do they align with a sustainable environment or do they profit off destruction and steal the futures of our children?

With the #DayWithoutAWoman still in the planning stages, we’re looking forward to more info on how this will play out and what effect it will have on the sizzling political climate.

For now, it looks like the buzz has already started…

If you’d like to be involved in the larger effort, you can find an event near you and remember that we’re stronger together.

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(h/t BuzzFeed; photo via Anadolu Agency/Getty)