We’re always returning to the art of the friendship bracelet gone chic. Whether we’re wrapping embroidery floss around our cords to make them more beautiful, turning silver ball chain into wrap bracelets, or getting into it with awesome zippers, there’s something totally timeless about a stack of colorful bracelets on your arm.

So today, we’re here with a remix on our wire word art accessories, all in the form of friendship bracelets. These make great gifts for friends this Valentine’s Day, or for yourself any day of the week.

 – wire

– cord ends

– a variety of string

Tools: needle nose pliers (2 pairs)

For string we used a mix of different things. We’ve got old scraps of spandex stretched into thin cords, boondoggle (yes, that plastic stuff you used at summer camp, also known as gimp), lace trim, and, of course, embroidery floss.

We created a printable template with some of our favorite words: Make, Hack, Create, Love.

We’ll start with make. Create a loop on one end of your wire. Then use needle nose pliers to trace the letters on your template. It’s definitely a precise task, but the cursive font lends itself to a bit of improvisation. Create a loop at the end of the word and cut your wire. Now that the word is done, it’s time to make the bracelet part.

For the boondoggle one, clamp a cord end around three pieces of boondoggle, tape down, and braid. Attach another cord end when you’re done. Use a jump ring to attach one end to the m in make. For the e end, you’ll add a clasp using a jump ring. Done!

Repeat with as many combos as you like.

Hack and spandex material.

Create and ribbon.

Love and embroidery floss.

And go ahead and make a few more without words so you’ve got a good stack of bracelets to work with.

Love these!

What words would you want to make bracelets with? Any other updates on the friendship bracelet we should check out? Share ideas with us in the comments below.