Job interviews suck. Anyone who’s actually good at them must be a wizard or something. We’ve made every interview mistake you can think of: not preparing enough, getting stumped by an insanely hard interview question (ahem, Google), spilling coffee during the meeting, not realizing our blazer had a stain on it until we were already in the interview. And then there’s always the fear that our nervous brain will make us say something totally nuts — something you should never say in an interview.

Businesswoman talking with her business partner

So to get the crazy stuff out of our system, we decided to think of those wacky things first. Here’s our list of the insane, inappropriate and totally awkward things we could possibly blurt out in an interview. Because you could use a laugh before you have to go in there and talk about “synergy.”


1. “Can I get your number?”

2. “Oh yeah, I have ‘experience using Quickbooks.’ Wink wink.”

3. “Wow, I pictured you being way taller.”

4. “Oh no, I don’t want to work here. I just ran out of money.”

5. “How would you describe the team dynamic here? Name names — I want all the dirt.”

6. “Work-life balance is very important to me. Mostly the ‘life’ part.”

7. “I’m going to need sick days, vacation time and, most importantly, nap time.”

8. “Previous experience? Uh… that’s… classified?”

9. “Oops. Sorry, I think I swiped left on you a few days ago.”

10. “So what does this company do, exactly?”

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