First, there were pigs in a blanket, and now, full-size hot dogs are getting the same pastry treatment (and no, it’s not just corndogs). Take a look at these 12 *appetizing* recipes for wrapped hot dogs that make use of pretzel dough, egg rolls, and even tortillas. All we can say is: Hot dog!

1. Pretzel Woven Hot Dogs: Yep, that’s basically a hot dog pie you’re looking at. However you slice it, this is going to be one heck of a centerpiece at your next BBQ. (via Tablespoon)

2. Challah Dogs: Maybe you’ve wrapped a hot dog in pretzel dough before, but challah? Unheard of! Every bit of effort that you put into these puppies will be so worth it. (via Life Is But a Dish)

3. Chili Cheese Crescent Dog Bake With Hot Dogs: Finally, making chili dogs for a crowd has been simplified. It’s as easy as wrapping cheddar cheese and hot dogs in crescent rolls and baking on a bed of chili. (via Best Recipe Box)

4. Gluten-Free Everything Bagel Dogs: If you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, you may feel left out come hot dog season. Master this base recipe for mozzarella dough to enjoy bagel dogs all year long. (via The Primitive Palate)

5. Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs: Ten-year-old you would have given anything for a meal like this. Now that you’re an adult, you have the luxury of doing whatever you want, and these nacho dogs are at the top of the list. (via Tablespoon)

6. Yeast-Free Paleo Pretzel Dogs: Even if you’re not Paleo, these dogs are everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Be sure to serve with plenty of zesty whole grain mustard for dipping. (via Back Porch Paleo)

7. Homemade Dijon Pretzel Wrapped Hot Dogs With Maple-Dijon Dipping Sauce: Not only do these pretzel dogs have dijon in their sauce, but it’s mixed right into the pretzel dough. (via Will Cook for Smiles)

8. Hot Dog Eggrolls: Imagine your favorite ballpark toppings rolled up in a wonton wrapper with an all-beef frank. That’s exactly what you’ll get with these egg rolls that are stuffed with hot dogs, relish, and sauerkraut. (via Busy in Brooklyn)

9. Jalapeño Popper Pretzel Dog: There’s no need to choose between a pretzel dog and jalapeño poppers when you can easily combine the two. (via Chocolate With Grace)

10. Mexican Street Corn Dogs: You won’t find any hot dogs like this at a county fair. It’s all about the toppings of roasted corn, crema, cotija cheese, and fresh cilantro. They’re best enjoyed with an ice cold margarita (or two). (via The Candid Appetite)

11. Tortilla Hot Dog Wraps: Just putting this out there: How long before they start selling tortilla hot dog wraps at Taco Bell? (via BS’ in the Kitchen)

12. Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs: Hot dogs stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon are the ultimate carnivore mic drop. The good news is if you’re on a low-carb diet, these are essentially your perfect meal. (via Ruled Me)

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