You鈥檙e a longtime fan of the margarita and everything that goes with 鈥 including at least 20 variations on the classic cocktail that you鈥檝e mastered. From your tricked out margarita bar to your perfected margarita party plan, you鈥檝e got this whole tequila-lime-salt thing down to a science. So Cinco de Mayo is obviously going to happen at your place. But first鈥 it鈥檚 National Margarita Day and you鈥檙e determined to make this year鈥檚 PAR-TAY unsurpassable. Here are 17 margarita flavor bombs that will keep the ritas rolling all year long鈥 because who wants to celebrate just ONE day of this delicious drink, amirite?


1. Creamy Margarita Pretzel Bars: This boozy take on key lime pie is sitting on a salty pretzel crumb crust. Each bite is light as a cloud, but packed with sweet-tart flavor. (via Saving Room for Dessert)


2. Margarita Macarons: These little cookies are the perfect combo of sweet and salt. The classic macaron shell is filled with tequila-lime buttercream and drizzled with coarse salt to deliver that IRL margarita flavor you savor. (via Sprinkles for Breakfast)


3. Margarita Cake Balls: These little babies are tequila-battered, tequila-brushed and tequila-spiked. Warning: They could be seriously habit-forming. (via Butterlust)


4. Margarita Dip: This dip tastes like the sweetest buttery cake frosting but with bright, zesty notes of tequila and lime. Salty pretzels make the perfect scooper, of course. (via Take Two Tapas)


5. Margarita Cupcakes: These festive cupcakes are buttery and moist, with a light, fluffy icing that鈥檚 tangy with real lime flavor. They鈥檇 be AH-mazing for your dessert table. (via Sally鈥檚 Baking Addiction)


6. Margarita Cake: Like the lemon layer cake Grandma used to make, but with tequila-spiked lime, this is the real deal. It would be perfect for a baby or bridal shower or fancy brunch. All your friends will be so impressed. (via Honestly YUM)


7. Boozy (or Not) Frozen Margarita Pie Recipe: This pie tastes just like a frozen margarita, only better because there鈥檚 ice cream involved. You can leave out the tequila for a kid-friendly option and it would taste just as good. (via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom)


8. Margarita Poke Cake: When you want to steep flavor into every bite of a sheet cake, nothing beats poke cake. This one is simply oozing margarita zest. (via Nest of Posies)


9. Salted Lime Sherbet Margarita Ice Cream: This lime sherbet is tangy, salty, creamy, and refreshing 鈥 everything you love in a classic margarita. It鈥檚 so super easy to make, it鈥檚 bound to be your go-to dessert all year long. (via The Flavor Bender)


10. Coconut Cilantro Margarita Ice Pops: The cilantro in these margarita ice pops makes for a refreshing, boozy bite. What better way to celebrate happy hour than to get everyone鈥檚 taste buds cool and tingly. (via Running to the Kitchen)


11. Margarita Ice Cream Float: These *skinny* margarita floats are made with sherbet and a lemon-lime soda that has no added sugar. Bookmark it for your next pool party and you鈥檒l be everyone鈥檚 BFF. (via The Cookie Rookie)


12. Lemon-Lime Margarita Creamsicles: These icy cold popsicles are sweet, creamy, tangy, and boozy ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It鈥檚 like one big flavor punch 鈥 pow! 鈥 right to your taste buds. (via All Roads Lead to the Kitchen)


13. St. Germain Margarita Snow Cones: This St-Germain margarita with mint sauce is a playful take on the classic frozen 鈥榬ita. Don鈥檛 wait for summer to try it out 鈥 create a new fireside sipper tradition right now. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


14. Cilantro-Infused Spicy Jalape帽o Margaritas: The only bonafide *improvement* you can really make on the classic is by adding just a dash of hot pepper fire. One sip of this drink and it鈥檚 pure sensory overload. (via Foolproof Living)

15. Mini Strawberry Margaritas: Next time you see mini tequila bottles, be sure to snap up a bunch for your next gathering. Greet your guests at the door with a tray of these little cuties, and your party will take off with a bang. (via Sweet Life)

16. Cadillac Margarita Jello Shot: This colorful tray of citrus slices is so festive, it also counts as party decor. Be sure to slurp responsibly. (via Bakers Royale)


17. Margarita Lollipops: Because we all need just one more way to enjoy tequila, dig these 鈥榬ita lollipops. They鈥檇 make great favors at your next Cinco de Mayo party 鈥 but they鈥檇 also be truly unique wedding favors to hand out at a beach wedding. (via Lady Behind the Curtain)

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