Non-traditional engagement rings are all the rage these days, proving that the plain ol’ white diamonds of yesteryear just won’t do. If you’re looking for a really unique, stunning option, yellow diamonds and gemstones like citrine or sapphire are great alternatives to the usual platinum and white diamond ring. Their sunny hues and understated styles would work for any bride-to-be and will definitely last the test of time. Whether you’re trying to drop the *hint* or just need more to pin to your not-so-secret board, these 15 yellow engagement rings will have you seriously swooning.


1. Artemer Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring ($3,200): Even though this gorgeous yellow stone isn’t a diamond, this ring is a one-of-a-kind type of beauty. With its unique shape and diamond accents, it’s perfect for an alternative engagement ring.


2. Jewel Luxe Yellow Marquise Diamond Ring ($988): If you love matte nails, lips and eye shadows, your next heartthrob might just be this matte-finished engagement ring. Complete with a marquise-cut diamond set in a vertical orientation, this ring is just the right mix of traditional and trendy.


3. Lila Nash Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring ($1,186): Why settle for one spendy stone when you get a sapphire and tons of tiny diamonds all around your band? This engagement ring will certainly dazzle from that ring finger of yours and look great stacked with plain gold bands.


4. Monica Vinader Stellar Diamond Stacking Ring ($370): This combo of rose gold and yellow pave diamonds will seriously up your wedding ring stacking game. You could also wear it solo for a more minimalist look. Either way, this ring will majorly stun.


5. Mociun Custom Yellow, White Diamond and Turquoise Ring (Custom ring): This show-stopping ring has not one, but THREE different stones: a radiant-cut yellow diamond accented by two antique diamonds and turquoise. It’s custom-made by Moicun Jewelers, and you’re going to want to check out all the other gorgeous rings on their site STAT.


6. Wan Love Yellow Lab Diamond Ring ($1,299+): Your love might not be synthetic, but this diamond is. It’s hard to believe this stone wasn’t pulled right out of the ground and was actually made in a lab! The thin band on this bad boy automatically makes your fingers look slimmer and the rock look larger.


7. Pamela Love Luna Ring: ($200): This moody moonstone full of yellowish, translucent hues makes for a stunning engagement ring. The sterling silver and two crescent moons surrounding this beauty are made for the boho bride.


8. Melanie Casey Yellow Diamond Ring ($248): This ring is perfect if you love timeless classics with a hint of minimalist thrown in for good measure. The bright diamond will sparkle whether you get it set in 14K yellow, white or rose gold.


9. Polly Wales Diamond Halo V Ring ($4,900): Handmade is always better, and this ring is no exception. This unusual design has a dainty and elegant feel that would work well on its own or stacked with other gold bands.


10. Oh Kuol Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring: ($552): There’s no doubt when your soon-to-be fiancé gets down on one knee with this ring, you’ll be crying happy tears. Whether you want a bright and sunny yellow diamond or an earthier golden-brown hue, you can completely customize this ring! Start dropping big hints now to make sure you get exactly what you’ve envisioned.


11. Polly Wales Rainbow Crystal Ring ($2,976): Beauty lies in imperfections. This ring might not look like your typical engagement ring, but its rainbow colors and and gorgeous wax-casted sunken settings are super dreamy and look like something from another era.


12. Alex Monroe Citrine Twig Ring ($336): This nature-inspired ring is surprisingly luxe. With its bright citrine and 22K gold vermeil, it will definitely outshine every other ring in the room.


13. Anna Sheffield Camellia Petal Ring ($5,550): This vintage-inspired flair might be just what you’re looking for. Between the gorgeous scalloped setting and the rose-cut yellow diamond, what’s not to love?


14. Aardvark Jewelry Yellow Diamon Solitaire Ring ($3,148): Let vibrant rays abound when you say “yes” to this handcrafted engagement ring. The brightness of the gold is tamed down with the subtle hues of the diamond.


15. Tura Sugden Butterscotch Diamond Slice Ring ($1,380): This butterscotch-hued beauty goes to show that diamond slice rings really are better than the real thing. And the unique gold frame setting is just icing on the bling cake.

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