You *NEED* to See Chrissy Teigen With Uber-Curly Hair
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You *NEED* to See Chrissy Teigen With Uber-Curly Hair

Chrissy Teigen might keep it real about post-body baby expectations (her thighs “have tributaries,” after all), but that doesn’t mean she’s not still smoking hot.

In fact, celebrity stylist Jen Atkin just took Chrissy’s look next level with some seriously stunning spiral curls, which she predicts are due for a revival, like, now.

Taking to Instagram to show off her client’s masterpiece, Jen posted this vid of Chrissy mid-transformation.

“Curls. They’re making a comeback. Mark my words,” Jen wrote, along with the disclaimer, “No Chrissy Teigens were harmed in the making of this snap.”

Though Chrissy looks ever-so-slightly skeptical while the curls are setting, she needn’t have worried: She was clearly in great hands, as the finished product was nothing short of AMAZE.

“When you find your 3/4“ @hottoolspro curling iron in the bottom of your hair kit, you give Chrissy Teigen a #fbf hairdo,” Jen said, adding the hashtag “#CurlsAreBack”for good measure.

Hey, if our hair looks half as good as C. Teigs’ does in them, that’s one bandwagon we’d be happy to jump on!

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(h/t Hello Giggles, photos via Rachel Murray + Frazer Harrison/Getty)