With the help of memberships at gyms and yoga studios, I’ve been a practicing yogi for years. But when a heavy workload last year started keeping me away from the peaceful environment and consistent accountability of in-person yoga, I needed a better option. Rather than continue pouring money down the drain for a service I couldn’t take advantage of, I decided to go rogue. Could I maintain a steady practice on my own with the help of YouTube videos? Amazingly, the answer has been yes! I’ve found several favorite channels that keep me consistently coming back for more — and take away the time-suck of getting myself to and from the gym. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start an at-home yoga practice or a seasoned yogi who’s just pressed for time, there’s a YouTube channel for you.

1. Yoga with Adriene: If you’ve searched for yoga videos on just about any platform, you’ve probably come across Adriene Mischler, the queen of YouTube yoga. Mischler’s channel dominates the online yoga scene for good reason: Her down-to-earth personality makes her videos feel like doing yoga with your goofy BFF, as she cracks jokes and pokes fun at her own mistakes. Still, Mischler manages to capture the meditative essence of yoga as well. In every session, she encourages viewers toward mindfulness and self-compassion. Her enormous catalog of videos offers something for all manner of life situations, such as “Yoga for Musicians” or “Yoga for Loneliness.”

2. Yoga by Candace: Looking for classic, mind-quieting, “om”-inducing yoga practice? Check out Yoga by Candace. Unlike most instructors, Candace Moore narrates many of her sessions through a soothing voiceover, rather than speaking during her practice. She also refrains from adding music. Moving through the poses with her in this quiet state adds to the tranquility of the experience.

3. Popsugar Fitness: Not everyone is into the spiritual side of yoga, and that’s okay! If you dig a straight-up physical experience, check out Popsugar Fitness’s variety of yoga vids. Their videos have more of a gym feel, often with multiple participants in a class setting — and typically place less emphasis on the mind-body aspect. Popsugar Fitness’s videos also offer a unique tweak by incorporating other forms of exercise (like dance or Pilates) for a yoga-cardio hybrid workout.

4. YogaDose: Despite the many health benefits of yoga for people of all genders, according to a 2016 study, nearly three-fourths of yoga instructors are women. If you’ve only been taught by this majority, trying yoga with a male instructor may bring a different kind of energy to your practice (and might help you convince a male partner or friend to join you). YogaDose with Tim Senesi focuses on strength, safety, and proper alignment, with a wide range of videos for all skill levels.

5.Five Parks Yoga: You may be practicing in your living room, but the beauty of YouTube is its ability to transport you to another world. Filmed on location in scenic Arvada, Colorado and Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Five Parks Yoga takes your practice out into nature. Instructor Erin Sampson’s no-nonsense vibe will get you pumped to do the work — even if you’re in your pajamas.

6. Cosmic Kids Yoga: Got little ones underfoot? That doesn’t mean you can’t still do your daily stretch — and get some family time in while you’re at it. Try Cosmic Kids Yoga, a channel geared toward helping kids develop strength and mindfulness through yoga. Led by the enthusiastic Brit Jaime Amor, Cosmic Kids calls itself “healthy screen time.” While cartoon backgrounds and talking unicorns might not be your personal yoga aesthetic, tuning into this channel will help both you and your kids get a workout.

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