Yoga class is a time for recharging, relaxing, and even reversing stress, but after a visit to Brooklyn studio Heatwise, you may have an itch to redecorate your own space. Homepolish designer Chloe Chudina used feminine furnishings and air-quality enhancing plants to remake the studio’s industrial bones in a fresh, understated way. The finished effect feels sophisticated and down-to-earth, i.e., the perfect place for a workout escape.

Chudina brought plenty of texture into the studio, and managed to check off one of our favorite home trends — woven furniture — in the process.

Utilitarian shelving feels at home against the worn brick backdrop, but brass statement lighting keeps the vibe playful, not industrial.

Plants are prominently featured in the space to add to the earthy, zen atmosphere, but they have a practical purpose too. “Greenery is very important because it brings the outside in. Plants help filter air and reduce toxins in the interior environment, [and] they elevate people’s mood and create a sense of calm,” Chudina noted. The macramé hanging planters bring in even more texture and give the space a bohemian feel.

In a space so focused on creating a relaxing atmosphere, having a place for everything, no matter how many yogis are in class, is critical. Chudina’s solution? A wall of crisp white lockers. She’s onto something here: This clutter-solving solution could easily be adapted for the home.

Gossamer curtains let soothing natural light into the space, essential for happy plants and people alike. Say it with us now: Ohmmm

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(Photos via Julia Robbs for Homepolish)