Put those cake roll skills to use with this collection of 10 yule log recipes. A classic French dessert served at Christmas, your bouche (mouth) will be thrilled to enjoy each and every bite of these B没che de No毛l. If you鈥檙e new to the yule, here鈥檚 the usual rundown: cake and buttercream are swirled together, then decorated so each piece resembles a wood slice. With the wide variety of flavor combos featured here, there鈥檚 a little something sweet for everyone. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end, we have a little savory surprise hidden there that you won鈥檛 want to miss!

1. Yule Log, Two Ways: Take your pick of a dark chocolate and chestnut or Meyer lemon, white chocolate and raspberry. You can鈥檛 go wrong with either. (via Tartelette)

2. French Yule Log: This modern approach to the classic yuletide dessert is perfect for all those ice cream cake fans out there. (via Lemonpi)

3. Yule Logs: A faux bois pressed fondant wraps around a swirl of chocolate sponge cake and caramel cream to create a whimsical presentation. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Chocolate Yule Log: You鈥檇 never guess that this chocolatey beauty is actually healthy. It鈥檚 a great way to lighten up the holidays without skimping in the festivity department whatsoever. (via Including Cake)

5. Black Forest Yule Log Stump Cake: So, it鈥檚 no vertical layer cake, but this roll-cake-free recipe certainly offers an easier assembly. A good choice for those new to cake decorating. (via Chow)

6. Chocolate-Espresso B没che de No毛l: Cut through a rich ganache exterior to reveal fluffy espresso and brown sugary swiss meringue buttercream underneath. A mugful of after-dinner coffee or hot chocolate is a great sip to serve alongside. (via Portugese Girl Cooks)

7. B没che de No毛l: The use of mascarpone in both the filling and frosting gives this roll a little bit of a cheesecake-esque feel. Talk about a fab fusion of two delicious desserts. (via Life鈥檚 a Feast)

8. Almond Chocolate Raspberry B没che de No毛l (Gluten-Free): What鈥檚 not to love about enjoying the flavor of almonds, chocolate and raspberries all in one, gluten-free bite? Trust us, your taste buds will be tickled. (via Wander)

9. Chocolate Peppermint Icebox Yule Log Cake: Put those candy canes to use in this pepperminty icebox cake. With no baking required, you can use your oven for more important things. (via Joy the Baker)

10. Savory Sushi Yule Log: We wouldn鈥檛 recommend serving this yule log for dessert, but it was just too clever not to include in the mix. Use your favorite roll to customize this creative, savory spin. (via BitterSweet)

Is a yule log your go-to dessert to serve after Christmas dinner? Share your favorite ways to end a holiday meal with us below!