Though our love of Oreo runs deep (like right down to our growling stomachs), our fave cookie brand has been throwing us for a loop lately with their totally unexpected flavors. Blueberry Pie Oreos and Fruity Crisp Oreos piqued our interest, whereas Candy Corn Oreos were seasonally appropriate if somewhat strange. Swedish Fish Oreos seemed to just take the sweet sitch way too far. But we have to say, we like the sound of the newest Oreo incarnation — Oreo candy bars. Oooh yeah!

Not one but two kinds of Oreo candy bars have just hit the snacking scene in collaboration with the super popular European chocolate brand Milka.

Milka Oreo Big Crunch Candy Bar (crunchy Oreos, vanilla creme filling and Milka chocolate) along with Milka Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar (Oreo creme mixed with chocolate wafer bits, covered in Milka chocolate) could very well be your new favorite indulgence.

Oreo candy bars

Available in limited quantities this week, they’ll hit the shelves in force in January, just in time to pull us out of our mid-winter blues.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Oreo)