Do you realize that we live in a world where kids “Tynker” around with coding through apps and “Play-I” around with toys that teach them about programming? Pretty cool, huh? When it comes to technology and its constant growth, it’s hard not to think about where the world will stand in the future. Imagine a world where kids no longer say YOLO and LOL and instead use the acronyms SKD and API on a daily basis. It seems like that’s where we’re headed, especially with constant innovations like Zuri, which give kids a hands-on experience with building models and programming.

Zuri is where DIY arts + crafts meets programming. The kit comes with the robot’s body, limbs, sensors and a Bluetooth module. The first step is to cut out the flat, cardboard body and limbs. Then after some folding and gluing, the skeleton of the bot is all ready to be inserted with the sensors and a Bluetooth. Zuri’s Bluetooth capability allows it to be controlled from a PC or smartphone wirelessly. Now comes the STEMulating part of the kit: coding.

Toggling around with the coding shows real-time effects that the codes make on Zuri. With more practice and experimentation, Zuri begins to walk, dance and crawl in circles with ease. Throughout the experimentation, the user is learning how to code. Currently, Zuri is just a prototype, but the designers and creators at Zoobotics are looking to get funded soon. Ultimately, Zoobotics is hoping to get Zuri in classrooms as a medium to teach kids about programming. And maybe kids = big kids too?!

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