12 Beautiful Tablescape Ideas for Your Seder Dinner
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12 Beautiful Tablescape Ideas for Your Seder Dinner

If you’re Jewish or have a Jewish heritage, there’s a good chance that Passover is part of your spring celebrations. The eight-day holiday focused on tradition and deliverance kicks off with a special Seder dinner. And of course, such a special evening requires an extra special tablescape. We’ve got you covered with everything from unique place card ideas to gorgeous centerpieces. Take a look at these 12 beautiful table settings for your Seder dinner and get inspired.

1. Mini Seder Plate: It’s important that everyone pays attention and participates in this traditional dinner. Keep everyone involved by giving them all their own miniature Seder plate. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Floral Centerpiece: Since the Seder plate is the focal point anyway, use simple floral bouquets for your centerpiece to add color without distraction. (via Dang It Delicious)

3. Haggadah Cover: Make sure your guests can follow along easily by providing a Haggadah for each of them. Cover it in scrapbook paper to make it match the rest of your table decor. (via Martha Stewart)

4. Parsley Place Card: After you’ve added some parsley to your Seder plate, use the rest in small bundles as place cards for your guests. (via Design Megillah)

5. DIY Seder Plate: Although there are many beautiful Seder plates out there, it’s very simple to make your own with a platter and some small bowls. (via Designthusiasm)

6. Patterned Seder: Passover is a time of celebration as well as remembrance, so don’t be afraid to pull out all your patterned dishes and linens for the occasion. (via One King’s Lane)

7. Menu Place Setting: A menu and a sprig of parsley make a simple-yet-lovely place setting for any Seder. (via Local Milk)

8. Chalkboard Seder Plate: For a big table with lots of guests, this long chalkboard Seder plate is perfect so everyone can see what’s going on. (via Mako)

9. Matzo Vases: Add a bit of Passover personality to your flowers by gluing together pieces of matzo to surround your vases. (via Pinterest)

10. Simple Seder: Keep the focus on the traditions at hand by making your table as distraction-free as possible with white linens, white plates and minimal decor. (via The Jewish Hostess)

11. Outdoor Seder: Having your Seder dinner outdoors? Make it a simple affair of candelabras, greenery and a beautiful sunset. (via Elizabeth Ann Designs)

12. DIY Haggadah Cover: If you’re going to cover your Haggadahs, why not break out the springiest paper you’ve got in your stash? (via Design Sponge)

Do you celebrate Passover? What do you recommend for a Seder dinner table? Tell us below!