Beauty trends are a fickle thing. Some we look back on and feel instantly inspired to revive and others we hope to never see again (drawn on eyebrows, we’re looking at you). With things moving about a million times faster these days, it seems as though there’s a new trend popping up every time we open a magazine. So how long would it take to sum up all the biggest beauty looks, from not only this year but the past 100 years? Well, the folks over at Cut Video managed to do it in one minute. The company sent a video viral about a month ago showcasing 100 years of beauty trends in a mere 60 seconds – and now they’re back for round two. This time: a century of African-American beauty.

The recently released video follows the exact same format as the first, featuring hair and makeup looks from the early 1900s to present day, except this one showcases a stunning African-American model named Marshay Mitchell. In a brief 20 seconds, we watch as Marshay sports everything from a jazzy flapper hairstyle to a big banged updo perfect for a sockhop.

The beauty trends featured in both editions of the videos are similar although always slightly different. In the 1920’s Nina Carduner, the model from the first video, is featured with puckered lips and a faux bob while Marshay is shown in a slicked down updo and glittered headband. For the swinging decade we know as the ’60s, both ladies’ hairstyles are all about the volume, but in the ’70s Marshay rocks an envy-inducing afro while Nina shows off flippy, Farrah Fawcett inspired locks.

We are all about these short and sweet beauty history recaps and would love to see even more editions of this idea interpreted with different races and cultures from all across the globe. How would you like to see this style video done next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.