Chevron is officially omnipresent. It's been one of the hottest patterntastic trends over the last year, and it's not going anywhere. So, this February, we're pumped to kick off a month featuring All Things Chevron, from graphic tees to cuff links, from teacups to tie clips, and everything in between. To start things off, our Resident Stylist, Misty, and Creative Director, Anj, delved into the world of chic chevron wearables.

1. Geometric Chevron Dress ($40.00): For ladies who love an everyday black tee but want to take their style to the next level, this dress is a simple jersey knit hand-treated with a dye removal process to create a bronze chevron design.

2. The Cardon Cactus Tee ($22.00): Created by Fine Southern Gentlemen, this graphic tee combines an upside down chevron design with a western-feeling cactus print. We love the combo, and might have to experiment with a little iron-on DIY at Brit HQ.

3. White Chevron Dijon Tee ($30.00): Our last stop on the t-shirt train, this is a super simple take on chevron. We love the bold dijon color, and could see any dapper dude sporting it on a spring day.

4. The Boardwalk Swimsuit Bottom ($67.99): Under the boardwalk, down by the sea-eeee-yeah, on a blanket with my baby is where I'll be… This bikini bottom is lovely combination of retro and modern, with an early 60s waistline and bold blocks of black and white. Perfect for a classy spring beach vacation. And if you're looking to tap into your inner mermaid, check out the blue version, cleverly called the H2Retro.

5. Needlepoint Embroidered Belt ($110.00): Part of the Tucker Blair for Opening Ceremony Collection, this belt is reminiscent of classic nautical belts, but with a contemporary design twist.

6. Lurex Chevron Tights ($9.99): Looking to add a glitter to those stems? Chevron to the rescue.

7. Chevron Scarf ($40.00): Great for girls or guys, this cozy scarf will keep you warm as we ease into spring. Best of all, the neutral tones means you can wear this number with just about anything.

8. Chevron Comfort Bralette ($48.00): Oh Anthropologie, how we love thee. This adorable bralette is a great piece to wear under your favorite tissue tee or tank, or even with a pair of overalls on a hot summer day.

9. Langley Tote ($298.00): One of our favorite New York designers, Hayden Harnett bags are kind of unbeatable. And though this isn't technically a "wearable", this gorgeous canvas bag is sure to keep you armed with whatever you need for a playful springtime adventure.

10. Louboutin Chevron Oxfords: Ok, we cheated on this one. Currently, there is nowhere online these are available but they are so cute that we had to share! Stay tuned for some DIY chevron action in the shoe department.

11. Chevron Bowtie ($21.00): Bowties and chevron. Does it get any trendier for discerning dudes?

12. Knit Chevron Wallet ($188.00): Another one stretching our definition of wearable, this knit wallet combines neon (yes!) with beautiful leather fringe, making it another great combo of old and new, and could definitely work as a staple flare piece.

Which chevron item is your favorite? Leave us a note below and stay tuned for more Chevron throughout the month of February.