You can craft your way out of anything 鈥 whether it鈥檚 party favors, wedding centerpieces or even a home decor聽DIY 鈥 but you can鈥檛 seem to master the small space you鈥檙e supposed to make your masterpieces in. Whether your craft room exists within a small studio apartment or a small nook in a larger home, a confined crafting space can limit you, rather than allow the creative benefits of organization to work their magic. What鈥檚 a crafty gal to do? Don鈥檛 worry. There are ways you can make the best of your tiny situation; you just have to organize it right. Take a quick stretch and get ready to put at least one of the following 13 storage tips into action.


1. Closet It Up: If you don鈥檛 have enough space to devote a room to your crafts, clean out a messy closet and use that instead. Hang fabric from the rod and stow yarn up above to leave room for drawers below to organize all your miscellaneous supplies. (via Art as Life)

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2. Cubes by Color: By now you鈥檙e very used to the idea of color-coding shelves full of art supplies. This shrunken version perfectly houses all of your acrylic paint while keeping each tube鈥檚 color at eye level. (via A Pumpkin & A Princess)


3. Pipe It Up: You may not have a copper pipe laying around, but something similarly shaped could make an ideal holder for all of your patterned washi tape. It鈥檒l also make your scrapbooking afternoons easier since all of your patterns will be visible. (via Something Turquoise)

ribbon tags

4. Take a Bow: Whether you collect ribbon from unfinished projects or you went on a shopping spree at the latest sale, it can be tough to find a home for cut strands of ribbon. That is unless you wrap each one around a gift tag and file them away like this crafty crafter did. Problem solved. (via Heart Handmade UK)


5. Spray Fan: Attention, artists: You don鈥檛 have to keep your spray paint bottles in the garage. Not when you could be putting them on a color-coordinated display on a bookshelf. Gorgeous. (via Something Turquoise)


6. Sorted Sewing Corner: To make a small-space sewing corner work, look vertically. A wall-hung organizer will keep fabrics folded and sorted by color, while its hooks hold all of the scissors any seamstress could possibly need. Below that, a desktop spool organizer keeps every thread at arm鈥檚 length. (via Hey Let鈥檚 Make Stuff)


7. Stop, Drop and Paint: Drawing inspiration from the Murphy bed, this drop-down painting table saves floor space when you鈥檙e not behind the brush. As an added bonus, it also holds your paint bottles, which means it鈥檚 a double-duty clutter-buster. (via Bubblewrapp鈥檇)


8. Behind Closed Doors: The key to organizing a small space is to take advantage of places you鈥檇 regularly overlook. You probably have at least one door that has a blank canvas on its backside. Use it to hang your supplies, then hide them away when they鈥檙e not in use. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

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9. String It Along: Knitters know the struggle of having to store yarn 鈥 the round shape of each package makes it hard to stack them on leveled shelves. So, what do you do? Turn a square storage unit diagonally. The diamond-shaped pockets are a great resting spot for your yarn. Organizing it all by color also makes it a pretty focal point for your craft corner. (via Repeat Crafter Me)

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10. Fab Farics: A closet may seem like a luxury to some small-space crafters, but one overflowing with fabrics is no dream come true. Multi-tiered pants hangers can make things a lot dreamier, allowing you to hang more fabric in less space. (via I Heart Organizing)


11. Go up a Peg: Each hole in a pegboard is an opportunity to organize your crafting supplies. You can stretch hooks across it to hold something long, like a shelf full of paints, or you can dangle your supplies horizontally. With a pegboard you can make art out of what was once clutter. Score. (via Fabric Paper Glue)


12. Crochet Cart: The beauty of crocheting is you can do it just about anywhere, as long as you have your supplies. Get yourself a rolling cart that organizes your yarn, needles and everything else you could possibly need. Then take it with you wherever you go. Devote a little extra cart space to holding your favorite warm beverage and cuddle up for some Netflix, crochet and chill. (via Heart Handmade UK)


13. Stick 鈥楨m Up: The pegboard really is magical. Here鈥檚 another way to take advantage of its power: Use it to hook up rolls of paper that you can later pull and cut with ease. Add a picture frame and it鈥檚 a thing of beauty. (via Hometalk)

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