It’s August 9, which means National Book Lovers Day is here! If you love nothing more than the smell of old books and the crisp binding of new ones, then celebrate this holiday for bookworms by reflecting on what it is that makes books SO great. And, of course, make sure to curl up in a nook with a good read in hand. (But that goes without saying!) Take a moment to (re)ignite your love for reading with these inspiring words by writers and book lovers alike that perfectly sum up a book’s worth!


You’re never too old to stop reading fairy tales, TBH. Those really are the best kinds of escape from reality.


Preach it, Roald Dahl! This beloved children’s author knows the true power of the written word. Whether it’s for school or for recreation, follow his advice if you want to get far in life.


Let’s just stop calling them books. “Magic portal” sounds way cooler.


If you’re an avid reader, it might be a little bit of a challenge to keep tabs on every single book you’ve read. Even so, they’ll linger forever in your mind, eventually shaping you into the person you are today.


Every intellectual knows that books are the greatest tools to expanding one’s mind and making you question everyday things.


In other words, books are the OG story-telling technology of the past that keeps on giving to this day. Who needs a Kindle when you can tote around this magic vessel?


With classics like Beezus and Ramona and The Mouse on the Motorcycle, Beverly Cleary definitely knew what she was doing. Life lesson from Cleary: Harness your creativity and write the book you’ve always wanted to read!


There’s nothing wrong with reading books others’ aren’t reading. Why not venture from the beaten path? It just means that there’s plenty more room for you to explore!


Books can offer comfort, company and growth — that’s BFF status right there.


Amid all the social media buzz, books offer that moment of reflection and growth we’re seriously craving.


It’s not every day you see people bearing their souls to another. Luckily, books give us an outlet and even act as the source for one’s vulnerability, helping us to reflect and mature.


This just sounds like cozy autumn nights. Speaking of fall, can you hurry it up already?


Book lovers know that, as much as you take from a book, it will likewise take a little from you.


There are always the few books that cost a fortune for those of us on a budget. But, almost always, they pay back tenfold their worth with the adventure they take you on.


If Plato said it, it’s gotta be true. To sum it up, books *are* life.

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