Halloween is creeping up awful fast, so if you’re still in need of costume inspiration, look no further than this year in pop culture! We had some ideas for the early planners midyear, but we’re back with 16 more ideas since our last pop culture roundup. Some are easy, some are elaborate and all of them are awesome. These are sure to take the cake — or, the King Size Snickers bars.

1. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the Golden Globes: As far as BFFs go, they’re probably the funniest, smartest most beautiful pair out there. You can play the part too with similar colored ball gowns, and a Golden Globe statue prop wouldn’t hurt.

2. Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am (as Sara and Mirr.i.Am): Oh my gah. Ew! You could totally dress up for Halloween as these dudes dressed as these chicks, just make sure you’re taking duckface #selfies all night to stay in character. If you have a third person, they could always be Sara’s stepdad Gary.

3. Groot and Rocket: If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy, then go out and do it right this second. After you’ve seen it, no doubt you’ll want to dress up like this unlikely heroic duo. If you need some inspiration for how to turn yourself into a giant tree, this guy has nailed it.

4. Owners of Portlandia’s Feminist Bookstore: Think hipppie meets boho for this costume. To mimic Armisen and Brownstein’s serious and critical characters, don’t plan on smiling all night, but definitely plan on wearing Birkenstocks.

5. Lorde and Taylor Swift: Pop music’s gorgeous besties are seemingly inseparable. You could go as either of them, but we think it would also be fun to partner up with your own inseparable bestie to recreate this timeless Insta moment.

6. Beyoncé and Jay Z: They’re basically America’s royal couple, and in every appearance they make they look stellar. So, take pics from their tour, the Grammys or their recent trip to Paris, and let them inspire your costume of the dynamic duo. If you’ve got a baby, feel free to add Blue Ivy into the mix.

7. Special Agent Dale Cooper and Pie: Did you hear? You must have heard because we shouted it from the rooftops, “TWIN PEAKS IS RETURNING.” We don’t have all the details yet, but in honor of the crime cult classic, we think dressing as Agent Cooper and his great love (pie) would be absolutely hilarious.

8. Shia LaBeouf, a Retrospective: We all go through tough times. A mid- or quarter-life crisis perhaps? Mr. LaBeouf is acting out his own time of change in the form of performances, most notably his bag-on-head stunt and more recently, his neon-outfitted marathon around the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Honor Shia with a timeline costume of his highjinks.

9. Daenerys Targaryen and Dragon: Long flowing blonde locks? Check. Dragon wings? Uh… check. A little DIY (we have an easy-to-do tutorial here!) can go a long way to turn you and a BFF into this mythical GoT pair. Daenerys is totally a babe, but to be honest we’d even go as the dragon. Get the rest of the cast (definitely Joffrey) onboard for the best group costume ever.

10. Lucy (Wyldstyle) and Emmet Brickowoski: Who knew LEGOs could fall in love? This would make a great couple’s costume. You can just dress the part with similar clothes and some yellow face paint, or go all out and wear painted boxes for that real block effect.

11. Tiny Detectives, Ellen Page and Kate Mara: No offense to Woody and Matt, but we think the spoof these ladies did of True Detective would make for a great series. If you and a friend are vertically challenged, show Halloween who’s boss with pant suits and aviators.

12. Theodore and Samantha: Bust out those high-waisted pantaloons! With a stache, tortoise shell glasses and a pout, you’ve got your Joaquin Phoenix. For Samantha, you could dress as a computer with a red screen, or Theodore’s little PDA.

13. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron from Neighbors: This costume duo is actually pretty easy to master with the help of a real or fake baby. You could even use a fake fence as a prop.

14. Anna and Elsa from Frozen: Videos of people singing “Let it Go” have taken up permanent residence in our brains, so why not go this year as these animated ladies who totally nail winter chic?

15. Ice Bucket Challenge: This was the most viral donation campaign EVER. To show some love for this successful money raiser, you could go solo with this costume, or go as a participant (how ’bout Anna Wintour) and a bucket. Either way, this one is sure to get you some high fives.

16. Ellen’s Oscar Selfie: This is one of the biggest social media moments of the year, so of course we’ve got to give it a shot. We’re thinking, dress as Ellen, with a piece of cardboard behind you with a pic of the rest of her selfie gang. And of course you’ve got to be holding a phone.

What pop culture moment would you like to capture in costume? Let us know in the comments!