Call her Sasha Fierce, Queen Bey or just call her Beyoncé, but whatever you call her, know that you’re speaking to pop star royalty. In fact, it’s kind of hard to remember a time before Beyoncé was killing it on stage at the Super Bowl and dropping visual albums online like it was a hobby, but we haven’t forgotten the days of “Bootylicious.” Before Bey was rocking Givenchy at the Met Ball she was rocking camo boyshorts in the “Survivor music video. So in honor of the costume holiday and the holiest of holidays (Queen Bey’s bday today, natch) we gathered the best and best-of-the-worst looks Beyoncé has worn over the years so that you yourself can dress the part of any one of her famous life stages this Halloween.

1. Leather and Lace: No matter how people tried to troll/meme photos of Beyoncé from the 2013 Super Bowl, she still reigned surpreme in this killer one piece. Try your hand at it with a leather leotard and use fabric glue to affix the lace yourself. Add some fingerless gloves and BAM! Instant pop star.

2. Ruffled and Romantic: This is the closest you’ll ever see Bey to the damsel in distress look. But if you want to tap into her softer side you can try to capture Bey from this Vogue photoshoot. Look for a red dress and add your own ruffles with scrunched tulle all over. For comedic affect, you could even wear the Vogue logo.

3. Cropped Camo: Keep your camo cropped on top and short on the bottom for Bey’s early ‘o0s look circa “Survivor.” If you want to make this one a group costume, just almost match (but don’t exactly match) each other’s camo patterns, and interchange short shorts and cargo pants.

4. Mirrored Unitard: This is the latest look from Queen Bey that we’ve fawned over from just last week at the VMAs. To get it, start with a silver unitard and color in your own symmetrical design with different color Sharpies. And don’t forget Bey’s favorite fishnets!

5. Light Blue Group Costume: Mimic early 2000s style at its best with this skintight set of outfits.

6. Gothic Opulence: When Bey and Jay Z walked onto the red carpet at the Met Ball this year, we nearly wept. Why did anyone else even try? She had drama. She had mystery. She had elegance, class and cleavage. On top of all of that: sparkles. Truly #flawless. To get this look, try a deep-v mini dress, under a long, sheer, dramatic maxi. Top it all off with a black blusher veil for added mystique. If you have a Jay Z, even better!

7. Champagne Show Girl: Don’t be intimidate by something a little more dramatic. Bling out a champagne one-piece with tassels and jewels and top it all off with a majestic feather headpiece. Oh-so glam.

8. Almost Hipster: Ironically, #Flawless is probably the easiest look of the bunch. You’ll need: acid wash cutoffs, a plaid flannel button-up, a chain necklace, chain-embellished black booties, heavy eyeliner and a lot of attitude. After all, you woke up like this, right?

9. Goldmember: Did you think we’d forget that one time that Beyoncé was in an Austin Powers movie? Think again, baby. As long as you’re wearing something all gold — preferably flared — and a gold ‘fro, all you’ll need is gold makeup and jewelry and you’re Foxxy Cleopatra.

10. Bling Bikini: Those are probably real diamonds that Queen Bey is shaking around, but in lieu of spending our life savings all on one costume, we’re thinking of bedazzling a silver bikini and adding a skirt of yellow strips of fabric on the bottoms.

11. Invincible: This is a look from Beyoncé’s song “Superpower.” For this one you’ll need ripped fishnets, a shiny green mini skirt, a navy crop top and a gold kerchief. Go heavy on the liner for mysteriously glaring through your black ski mask.

12. Go Geo: Your high-waisted dark jeans will come in handy for this one. Now you’ll just have to find a geometric crop top and a matching belt/journal?

13. Carpe Denim: You’ve been waiting for your chance to master denim-on-denim…and this is it! Put on those denim short shorts and a fitted denim jacket then embellish with all of the military-inspired accessories you can find. Top it off with a military cap and don’t forget the fishnets!

14. Crowned Versace: In case you don’t feel like rummaging through the laundry for that old decadent Versace leotard, you can go out and find another one to mimic Bey’s. Go for a pattern that’s psychedelic and circular. For the headwear, you can embellish a black beanie with a gold shield in the front and a fabric mowhawk on top. BOW DOWN.

What’s your most memorable Beyonce costume? Which one would you wear for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!