Hungry? You’ll definitely want to scroll through these 25 sweet Snickers recipes. Whether you’re looking for an over-the-top creation or prefer to keep things on the healthier end of the spectrum, we have you covered. So raid your Halloween candy stash and let’s satisfy those caramel-chocolate-peanut cravings!

1. Snickers Cupcake: Get a load of these dark, chocolatey cupcakes topped with fluffy, peanut-caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle and chopped peanuts. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)

2. Snickers Crave Bars: Pretty sure it’s impossible to relegate these to post-dinner enjoyment only. Since they’re made with cereal, it’s acceptable to eat these for breakfast, right? (via A Simple Pantry)

3. Snickers Milkshake: Snickers and chocolate sauce give a ton of flavor to this vanilla ice cream and milk-based shake. (via Spoon Fork Bacon)

4. Salted Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Snickers Bars: These five-layer bars consisting of pretzels, chocolate, caramel, nougat and cookie dough are a totally indulgent treat. (via Half Baked Harvest)

5. Candy Bar Cake: Prepare yourself. Snickers, Twix, Heath Bars and Rolos all star in our outrageous multilayer cake. (via Brit + Co)

6. Ultimate Apple Snickers Nachos: Apple slices are a terrific foundation for sweet nachos — drizzle them with a swirl of chocolate and caramel sauce, then top it all off with chopped Snickers and peanuts. (via Iowa Girl Eats)

7. Deep Fried Mini Bars: A quick dip in batter followed by a plunge in hot oil transforms mini Snickers (and more!) into gooey-centered treats that are hard to resist. (via Babble)

8. Raw Snickers Pie: Check out this raw tart packed with Snickers-inspired flavors. It’s a healthy copycat that you need to try to believe. (via Annie’s Hungry)

9. Snickers Cookie Tarts: Hollowed out chocolate chip cookie cups are filled with caramel, chocolate chips and peanuts, then topped with a dollop of peanut butter frosting to create an amazing bite-size snack. They’re quite indulgent, so feel free to freeze some up for later enjoyment! (via Treasure in an Earthen Vessel)

10. DIY Snickers Bars: Five ingredients is all you need to whip up your own homemade candy bars. (via Brit + Co)

11. Flourless Snickers Torte: Each slice of this fudgy, naturally gluten-free and surprisingly easy-to-make torte is packed with Snickers. (Sugar et al)

12. Individual Snickers Chocolate Layer Cake: We’re not ones to pass up a mini dessert, and these personal-size cakes are certainly no exception! (via Call Me PMC)

13. Snickers and Caramel Apple Dip: Chopped Snickers stud this sweet vanilla cream cheese dip topped with a touch of caramel and more candy. Not exactly health food, but apples served along side make it more virtuous. (via Busy Mommy)

14. Snickers Cream Puffs: A few spoonfuls of cocoa powder transform plain old pâte à choux into a chocolatey batter for cream puff shells. Piped with caramel mousse, these bites are absolutely irresistible. (via Pineapple + Coconut)

15. Snickers Cake: Who wouldn’t love to tuck into a slice of this oversized candy bar-shaped cake? (via Brit + Co)

16. Chocolate Bundt Cake: A bittersweet chocolate-Snickers glaze is the finishing touch drizzled atop this rich chocolate bundt cake. (via Simply Reem)

17. Snickers Semifreddo Cake: Let’s break this one down. Starting at the center you’ll find a creamy vanilla-caramel-chocolate semifreddo studded with chopped Snickers. All that goodness is enrobed in brown sugar cake, frosted with chocolate malt buttercream and, finally, drizzled with a chocolate glaze and sprinkled with chopped Snickers. (via Bakers Royale)

18. Snickers Ice Cream Brownie Bites: These bites improve upon the usual brownie and ice cream combo by packing everything together in one handheld treat reminiscent of an open-face ice cream sandwich! (via Brit + Co)

19. Snickers Cookies: The thumbprint of these sweet and savory cookies is filled with a button of amber caramel… talk about tasty! (via The Tough Cookie)

20. Snickers Cupcakes: Hazelnuts add a Nutella-esque twist to these swoon-worthy Snickers cupcakes. (via Modern Taste)

21. Snickers Protein Smoothie: It’s hard to believe that each sip of this milkshake-like smoothie is packed with protein. (via Veggies by Candlelight)

22. Snickers Chocolate Salami: Slices of this no-bake, sweet “salami” are sure to turn heads. (via Give Recipe)

23. Snickers Salad Overnight Oats: Enjoy this no-hassle, healthy oatmeal that only tastes like it’s rich with Snickers. (via Breakfast Drama Queen)

24. Chocolate Snickers Bar Monkey Bread: Made with canned biscuits instead of homemade dough, this chocolate monkey bread is ready in no time at all. Simply roll balls of dough in a mix of sugar and cocoa powder and pack them into a pan along with a smattering of chopped Snickers. (via Heather Christo)

25. Snickerz: Give these healthy, protein-packed Snickers bar copycats a try — they’re a guilt-free, chewy and crunchy indulgence. (via Desserts With Benefits)

Which of these Snickers-inspired treats has your mouth watering? Let us know in the comments below!