Your wedding is a pivotal life event you’ve probably been planning since you were a kid. We see you guys with your not-so-secret pinboards. The dress, the dreamy destination, the bouquet toss… Who can blame you for preplanning a such a fairytale affair before the groom is even the picture? What we’re guessing you don’t think so much about is the cost of all those things. And as it turns out, that might be the wise way to go about it. Because you guys, we just discovered what most couples spent on their wedding last year and wow, it’s making us seriously consider eloping.


Bridal website The Knot recently surveyed nearly 18,000 brides for their 2015 Real Weddings Study. They discovered that that the average amount of money spent on a wedding is currently at an all-time high coming in at – wait for it – $32,641! That’s over a thousand dollars more than the national average last year ($31,213).

One other (slightly depressing) thing to keep in mind is that this is total is the national average. Should you decide to get hitched in NYC, that’s going to cost you closer to $82K. On the flip side, head to South Dakota and you could spend closer to $18K. To see the average cost of each wedding day element, check out price breakdown chart The Knot has created.


So… who’s ready for a backyard wedding in South Dakota?

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(Photos via Getty and The Knot)