When Henry David Thoreau penned his seminal literary offering Walden, the world took note, and, much like the author, began to reflect on the wonders of simple living in natural surroundings. This appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, however, didn’t end with the last page of Thoreau’s masterpiece, but instead transformed into one of the most popular themes in baby names — especially for girls. Flower names like Lily and Ivy blossomed, while water names like Bay and Lake swelled into consciousness as new parents sought out ways to keep things au naturel. Here are 38 of the latest nature-inspired, creative baby names for girls that have been cropping up all over the registries.


Girls’ Names With a Surprising Nature Connection

1. Adair

2. Ainsley

3. Anthea

4. Arden

5. Araceli

6. Azami

7. Blair

8. Bronte

9. Bryn

10. Cordelia

11. Cynara

12. Danica

13. Daphne

14. Dara

15. Elodie

16. Guinevere

17. Hadley

18. Indra

19. Jessamy

20. Keziah

21. Leilani

22. Marguerite

23. Naretha

24. Nerissa

25. Paloma

26. Peri

27. Roxana

28. Sabra

29. Sana

30. Sefarina

31. Seren

32. Sylvia

33. Tabitha

34. Waverly

35. Xochitl

36. Yara

37. Yardley

38. Zahara

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This was originally published on Nameberry by Pamela Redmond Satran.

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