Why have just one wedding when you could have 38? To some that might sound like a nightmare, but to the professional aerial and pole arts performing duo, Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard, it’s kind of a dream come true. To say this couple is taking the whole elopement idea to another level would be an understatement.


After Platt and Woodyard, who are both Los Angeles dwellers, got engaged they struggled to decide on a specific place, theme or idea for their wedding. After checking out some California-based venues they realized nothing felt special and everything was super expensive. So instead, the two ditched the idea of a traditional wedding and instead decided to take an 83 day trip around the world where they would get hitched 38 times – on every continent besides Antarctica.


And the real kicker to this extravagant idea? It’s only costing them about $3,000 each. Through extensive budgeting and research, the couple managed to find two around-the-world flights for a fraction of what a wedding would have cost. Platt and Woodyard started their journey in Columbia and have already made it to Spain, Ireland, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, India and Thailand. To keep things super intimate, both of them became ordained online before they departed so that they could perform thier own self-unifying ceremonies.


The couple told BuzzFeed, “I feel like there are more people sharing this wedding with us than if we had rented a single venue for a single day and tried to invite everyone in the world that we knew.” The couple’s family and friends wont have to settle for celebrating solely via Facebook. Once Platt and Woodyard arrive back in the US they have plans to embark upon a motorcycle trip where the two of them will hold ceremonies at national parks – one of which their entire family will be invited to.


We have just one last question, when will these two crazy kids celebrate their wedding anniversary? It seems like 83 days of celebrations might just be the only reasonable solution.

Would you be up for ditching the idea of a traditional wedding for an adventure like this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Cheetah & Rhiann’s Worldwide Wedding)