Okay, so it might be nearly impossible to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel — but who says we can’t work out like one? In awe of their ultra-fit form, we reached out to Leandro Carvalho, the owner of Union Square fitness studio Leandro Fitness and trainer to the supermodel stars. Not only did he dish the deets on the Angels’ dedication and work ethic that keeps them fit, but gave us four rockin’ moves that Alessandra Ambrosio, Ana Beatriz Barros and Doutzen Kroes use as their go-tos. Whether you’ve been toning up with your butt-transforming exercises at home or using J-Law’s moves when you’re on the road, it’s safe to say these four Angel-approved exercises will be an amazing addition to your current fitness regimen.


Young woman sitting on exercise ball, arms raised

Ready to try a VS Angel signature move? Using a bosu, stability ball or floor mat, stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, and extend your arms straight up. Sink down into a deep squat as you keep your knees behind your toes. Lift your chest and sit on the bosu or yoga ball as you bring your arms to your side. Lean back onto the ball, open your arms and bring them above your head. In one swift movement, stand tall and resume the starting position.

Leandro says, “When you do this move, think about grace and consistent flow. Because it works your WHOLE body, the “Angel” focuses on gluteal and core muscles while raising your heart rate and burning fat. (Photo via Getty)

How many reps?

  • Beginners 8X
  • Intermediate 12X
  • Advanced 16X



Use a high table, countertop, sofa or bench to support your upper body on a secure surface. Hold the sides of the table and extend your legs into the air as you flex your feet in a V-shape. Move both of your legs in a controlled motion to lift and lower them.

How many reps?

  • Beginners 12X
  • Intermediate 16X
  • Advanced 24X

Leandro tells us that this move is “a supermodel favorite.” V-legs promises to shape and lift your butt while working your hamstrings and gluteus minimum. (Photo via Leandro Carhalvo)


Woman balancing on BOSU ball in gym

Use a bosu with the rounded side down (are you a beginner? Try this exercise on the floor without props) and start in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart with your heels pushed back and your head in line with your spine — your entire bod should stay long and flat. Keeping your body in alignment, lift your right leg about two feet off the ground and lower it back down. Repeat the exact same move with your right leg to count one full rep.

How many reps?

  • Beginner 8X
  • Intermediate 12X
  • Advanced 16X

Leandro swears by leg-lifting planks to help the VS Angel squad to “activate core muscles and strengthen ab, hamstring, and gluteal muscles.” (Photo via Getty)



Using a small resistance band around both feet, stand tall with your feet at least one foot apart, creating a box-like image. With the band completely extended, pick up your right foot and touch 4-6 inches inside the box and return it right back to the extended start position. Do the same for your left foot to count one full rep.

How many reps?

  • Beginner 24X
  • Intermediate 36X
  • Advanced 48X

Hurts. So. Good. This exercise is designed to work the outer thighs, which Leandro says results in toned, lengthened legs. (Photo via Getty)

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