Victoria’s Secret Angels are as well-known for their fit bods as they are for their lingerie-strutting stuff and their intricately gorgeous wings. With some of the most toned forms in the biz, their diets and fitness routines might seem like they’re unachievable for those of us not walking the runway. But if you’ve ever wanted to try following their wellness tips, then you definitely need to check out these key tips that help to keep Victoria’s Secret’s Angels fit.

Josephine Skriver

1. Bring a pal. Josephine Skriver and fellow Angel Jasmine Tookes say that many of the VS models work out together to keep each other motivated. “It makes it a team,” Josephine told E!. “Like you’ll group text: ‘Who’s working out today?’ And it’s super motivating because there’s always someone hounding at you, [saying] ‘You can do it! Come on with me.’ So it’s fun!”

2. Don’t neglect the weights. One of their key moves is the classic bicep curl — to sculpt your biceps, grab yourself some dumbbells and, according to trainer Kirk Meyers, “Bring them up and curl and squeeze at the top.” Doing 15 on each side for a total of 30 will be good to get you started.

3. Dip it low. To keep those arms lean and mean, add in some tricep dips. Kirk says you need to “get your butt close to the bench and go down and up in counts of four. Breathe at the top.” Whew, you’ll definitely feel the burn when you do that!

Give ‘em a try for yourself and remember to keep your workout buddies motivated. Hopefully they’ll do the same in return!

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(h/t E!, photos via Astrid Stawiarz, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)