From creating personalized soundtracks on music apps to digital detoxing and even extending your life, we’ve happily invited technology to make everything easier. So why watch a clock when your contractions start? Luckily, you don’t have to second guess when you should head to the hospital or try to remember everything your doctor told you to do when the big moment (AKA baby!) arrives. As it turns out, there are several apps for that.

Full Term Labor App

1. Full Term: Track your contractions from start to finish with the tap of a button. The Full Term app tracks the duration and time between each of your contractions. It will also calculate how long your contractions have held a pattern, like when they’re lasting for three minutes with one-minute breaks consistently for an hour (hint: This is when you call the doc to say you’re on the way to the hospital). Even better, your labor history is saved — even if your phone loses juice and you have to power it back up again. Added bonus: There’s a fetal kick counter that’ll help you keep track of how your baby’s doing.

DL It: iOS, Android (Free)

iBirth Labor App

2. iBirth: Although prenatal classes and regular checkups with your doc are a biggie, you’ll likely forget a thing or two about what you should be doing when the big moment arrives. iBirth packs a ton of useful information into one easy app. The free version scores you daily inspiration and a contraction timer. Additional in-app products include videos, lists and tips for labor management.

DL IT: iOS, Android (Free for basic version)

Pregnancy++ App

3. Pregnancy++: If you’re looking for a one-stop app that you can use throughout your pregnancy, right up to the baby’s big debut, then the Pregnancy++ app is a great score. It packs in a ton of features, including daily tips, week-by-week pregnancy updates, baby name ideas, a baby size visualizer, a baby kick counter, a contraction timer and more.

DL It: iOS, Android ($4)

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