Summer takes a toll on all of us. We love being outside in the warmth and sipping on cold fruity drinks, but that fun in the sun is tiring for our bodies and our minds. That’s why in this edition of the best apps of the week, we’ve selected apps that will make your summer easier. From gauging your UV danger to figuring out how to get out of the airport while you’re traveling, these five apps will help you spend this summer stress free. Now can someone pass the sunscreen?


1. Rthm: No one can live forever, but with smart choices you can affect how long you’re in the game. This app provides tips for a healthier life, with a heavy emphasis on meditation and mindfulness. It monitors your exercise, sleep and even your breathing to provide personalized recommendations for a healthier life.

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2. Landed: This is a perfect app for summer travelers to immediately add to their phones. Anyone who has ever wasted time being disoriented in an airport will consider Landed a godsend. It gives a brief synopsis of everything you need to know to get started when you reach your destination, including the quickest ways to leave the airport and where you can exchange your currency so you can spend more time getting to know your new surroundings.

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3. UVLens: Fair-skinned ladies rejoice! You’ll never get sunburned again if you have this app. Not only does it provide an hourly UV forecast, it will also calculate your personalized burn risk and teach you good lifelong UV practices. Your summer skin will thank you.

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4. YEAY: Clothes are a funny thing: They never look the same on you as they did on the hanger. This new app alleviates that anxiety of buying something online by letting you know exactly what it looks like on a person via video. And if you’ve got tons of old clothes just taking up space in your closet, log onto YEAY to sell them to the world with a Snapchat-like video of you dancing around in that old, twirly skirt. Buying and selling just got a lot more fun.

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5. Poltergeist: Encode all your extra secret messages in emoji language, safe from prying eyes. The app also allows you to send messages as “time bombs” which will self-destruct at a certain time. It’s mischievous, fun and kind of just like that code you and your BFF invented in elementary school to keep siblings OUT of your diary.

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