It’s that time of year again when all the holiday parties seem to just sneak up on you out of nowhere. But that doesn’t mean you should stress out over doing your hair, even if you are running late to your office white elephant exchange. Remember: photos from the night are bound to be all over Insta, and you deserve to look your best. So whether you’re pressed for time or a lazy girl at heart, we’re here to help by teaching you a party-worthy braid you can pull of in just five minutes.


This modern side braid channels one of our favorite hair moments from 2014 — Cara Delevigne’s edgy rock girl down ‘do. What makes it a stellar five minute option? This plait looks great on second-day hair (skip the poo + the wait time for your locks to dry) and can be achieved with basic braiding skills and not much else. So slip into that dress already (one less thing to do to get ready!), then scroll down to get started.


1. Place a deep side part in your hair using a comb.

2. Use a wax like TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick ($14) to smooth down any flyaway hairs.

3. Start a tiny dutch braid on the side of your head that has less hair.

4. Continue adding small sections of hair to the braid until you hit the spot right behind your ear.

5. Once you get to the place behind your ear, continue braiding the hair with a standard braid to the ends of the hair. Secure the ends with a small elastic.

6. Lift up your hair in the back and pin the small braid in place with a couple bobby pins.

7. Comb down the hair in the back so that it covers the pins.

8. For some added texture and drama, use a flat iron to place some simple waves into your hair on the opposite side that you just pinned.

9. Use the same TIGI wax on your fingers to smooth down and piece together the ends of your hair.


As you can see, this braid can be done on long or short hair. Either way, it’s really calling out to be worn with a statement earring (if *we* were playing stylist, it’d be either one big ear cuff or three small hoops). Finish the look with glitter eye makeup or a really dramatic lip, and, of course, a well-defined brow.


Which of your favorite celebrities’ hairstyles do you want to learn how to hack? Give us your DIY hair wish list in the comments below.