Nothing rings in the season better than holiday cocktails. While some folks pine for next-level hot cocoa recipes, others are longing for sweet and spiced cider cocktails. There are plenty of reasons you may want to sip at a few fancy drinks this holiday season. Perhaps it’s to get through an awkward work mixer, or maybe it’s the *only* way you can tolerate a certain in-law. Regardless of the sitch, these 12 festive Christmas cocktails are guaranteed to make you feel warm, fuzzy and in high spirits.

Hula on Ice Christmas Cocktail Recipe

1. Hula on Ice: This is *the* cocktail you need this holiday season. With bright notes of pineapple and coconut meddling with spiced rum, chai and a tea-based syrup, this drink is easy to make and perfect for any gathering — big or small. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

Rum-Soaked Cherry Soothers Christmas Cocktail Recipe

2. Rum-Soaked Cherry Soothers: Fresh cherries and rum. That’s it — and that’s all you’ll ever want after you sip on one of these beauty shooters. This sweet and spiced drink is a fantastic boozy dessert or nightcap for the holiday season. (via Highwalls)

Ruby Thyme Spritzer Christmas Cocktail Recipe

3. Ruby Thyme Spritzer: We love brunch and we love cocktails — who doesn’t? But there’s more to choose from than the usual mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys. This spritzer combines your morning fruit juice with fresh thyme to create a herbaceous cocktail that will pair wonderfully with your waffles or eggs benny. (via Garlic and Zest)

Candy Cane Cocktail With Homemade Candy Cane Infused Vodka Christmas Cocktail Recipe

4. Candy Cane Cocktail With Homemade Candy Cane Infused Vodka: We’re used to seeing the candy cane incorporated into desserts and hot cocoas, but cocktails? Sign us up! This ruby-hued drink is as festive as it gets. (via Boulder Locavore)

Gingerbread White Russian Christmas Cocktail Recipe

5. Gingerbread White Russian: This rich and creamy classic gets a nice kick with the addition of ginger beer. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, gingersnaps get an invitation to the party too. Milk and cookies, please take a back seat. (via Bijoux and Bits)


6. Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria: If your heart lies with fall flavors — even around the winter holidays — these apple cider sangrias are a fab way to indulge. They’re crisp, refreshing and won’t weigh you down. (via Pizzazzerie)


7. Berry Limoncello Sangria: Nothing can brighten up a drink more than the tang and sweetness from limoncello. This fruity and flavorful sangria brings berries to the equation for a full flavor that can’t be denied. This just *might* end up being your go-to sangria from now on. (via Cafe Delites)


8. Jack Frost Cocktail: This icy blue drink is totally as delish as it looks! Though we’ll admit, the blue Curacao, pineapple juice and coconut cream will tease you with a hint of summer. (via The Blond Cook)


9. Salted Caramel White Russians: If your love for cocktails knows no bounds and adventure is your middle name, these sweet and herbaceous drinks will be a slurp-worthy dream come true. Traditional White Russians get dolled up with amaretto, a drizzle of salted caramel sauce and some chocolate and rosemary for extra WOW factor. (via Kate la Vie)


10. Eggnog Cocktail: It’s not really the holidays until you break out that ‘nog. This spiced, rich and creamy delicacy is yearned for all year long, so celebrating its arrival makes sense — and adding it to a cocktail is *clearly* the only way to celebrate. (via The Adventures of Bob and Shan)


11. Christmas Cookie Martini: A cookie-inspired martini is apparently a thing, and we are losing our collective minds. If you’re not into baking but most definitely into drinking, let this be your dessert. (via I’m Bored Let’s Go)


12. Bourbon Apple Cider Shrub Cocktails: A shrub takes some planning and some patience, but boy-oh-boy is it ever worth the wait. Apples and bourbon become buddies in this elixir, and it’s kind of the best thing ever. (via Vanilla and Bean)

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