The holidays are all about making the ordinary completely magical: trees are lit, halls are decked, our cookies get cut into cute shapes and even our socks — err, stockings — get a glam makeover. So in the spirit of celebrating, here are all the essentials for making your holiday cocktail party extra special. Whether you’re entertaining two or twenty, these 18 festive finds will help you serve up the most memorable party of the season.


1. Confetti Bombs ($20): Whether it’s Wednesday night champagne or an ugly sweater contest, there should always be confetti at your holiday party. There’s no better way to take the party to the next level than with an explosion of festive confetti.


2. Christmas Character Headbands ($22): It doesn’t matter how you feel about the holidays: There is a character here for everyone, whether their doppelgänger is The Grinch or Buddy the Elf.


3. DIY Christmas Drink Stirrers: Pour cocktail. Add stirrer. Proceed to party hard. (via Inspired by This)


4. Cocktail Party Kit ($32): Personalize your glasses for the coolest bar cart ever. After your guests are done ooh-ing over your customized glasses, blow them away with a fancy cocktail from the mixology guide.

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5. Party Photo Booth Props ($26): Break the ice with a pair of antlers and a big red nose. Leave these props out for guests to grab and get the camera ready to capture the reactions.


6. Gold Stripe Cocktail Shaker ($30): Shake up the coolest cocktails on the block with this totally festive shaker.


7. White Whale Cocktail Mixers ($30): If you don’t know where to begin with mixers, this three-piece set is the place to start. Fresh herbs and juice blend together to create strong, spirited cocktails that will have everyone thinking you’re a pro mixologist.


8. DIY Mini Christmas Present Stirrers: Take the gift-giving season to the bar cart with these miniature presents. They would be adorable perched on a glass of eggnog, spiced cider or a flute of bubbly. (via With Lovely)


9. Mini Marble Speaker ($35): It’s not a party without some good tunes, and this marble speaker won’t let you down. This li’l guy features a marble finish and a 32-foot range.


10. Marty Moose Mug ($30): Hopefully your holidays go better than poor Clark Griswold’s attempt at holiday entertaining. And if they don’t, at least you can chug eggnog out of a classy moose mug.


11. Festive Appetizer Plates ($20): Serve up your favorite finger foods with a side of holly and jolly.


12. Confetti Wine Glasses ($80): Take a more casual approach to your drinking with these stemless wine glasses covered in bright confetti. Add a joyful splash of color to your bar cart even when they’re not being used.


13. Marble Tray With Glass Dome ($50): Put cheese, crackers, fruit or cupcakes on display in style. As soon as the glass dome goes down, the glam factor goes way, way up.


14. Gold Dot Ice Bucket ($54): Made out of durable melamine, this bucket won’t chip, no matter how wild the party gets. Whether you’re filling it with champagne or candy cane-shaped ice cubes, you can’t go wrong with gold polka dots.

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15. Gold Edged Napkins ($38): Elevate your next soiree with attention to all the details, including the napkins. Skip the paper napkins this time and treat yourself with something a little more luxe.


16. Wild Animal Drink Stirrers ($17): Stir up a good time with these golden animals. Plus they’re reusable, so you can keep them around for all your holiday parties this season.


17. Confetti Crackers ($20): Pull these paper crackers apart and, with a POP!, get showered in metallic confetti. Each cracker also hides a wine glass charm and a paper hat for extra laughs.

Christmas emerald green cocktail, glass rimmed with crushed candy cane. Great drink for entertaining.

18. Christmas Cocktail Sugar ($4): Add a dash of festive flair to the rim of your cocktails with a quick dunk in this crushed candy cane rimming sugar.

What is your must-have holiday party essential? Talk to us in the comments below!