The holiday season can be a paradoxical time of year: While the advent of Starbucks’ red cups signals a time of celebration, all of the merry-making can be a hard reminder of not having someone to share it all with. But the holidays aren’t a time for sadness — and if you’re like these ladies who love being single and live in the right city, you can use these five tips to make the most of it.

Let's sparkling this year.

1. Date your friends. Being single doesn’t exclude you from some of the best parts of the holiday season. From ice skating, walks in the snow and festive movies, head out with your squad and celebrate together!

2. Cozy up with your family. If you’re feeling any shortage of love and affection during the holidays, turn to the people who love you the most. You can relive old memories and make special new ones.

3. Treat yo’ self. Whether you’re buying yourself that pair of shoes that you’ve wanted forever or splurging on a nice bottle of wine, remember to gift yourself during the holiday season. You’re totally worth it!

4. Get fit. During the most gluttonous time of year, put your athleticism into overdrive. Even if it’s a morning walk after that holiday potluck, exercising will keep your confidence high and give you all the more reason to slip into that LBD or special New Year’s sparkly outfit!

5. Get out there and make merry. Sure, the holidays are a romantic time of year — but they’re also a season brimming with parties. If you’re single and ready to mingle or just enjoying some time to yourself, there’s nothing better than throwing on your best dress and hitting the town.

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