Starbucks just can’t seem to get it right anymore when it comes to their cup designs. After last year’s holiday cup debacle, you’d think they’d play it safe this time around. Whether that was their intention or not, folks still aren’t happy. Not only are Starbucks’ green cups getting some serious hate on social media at the moment, their 2016 red holiday cup design has apparently been leaked, and latte-lovers are not impressed. In fact, not only are the designs not winning over any fans, peeps think they look like meat. MEAT! Ew.

Starbucks red holiday cups 2016

When Reddit user DasUberSquid posted a photo of what they claimed to be a peek at this year’s Starbucks red holiday cup design, there was immediate interest, being that this is perhaps the most highly anticipated cup of the year…

But when they saw the seasonal plant-inspired design, peeps were quick to give their honest (totally neg opinions), with some claiming the cups simply (grossly) look like meat…

Yeah, now we can’t unsee the meat thing. Yuck.

Oh, Starbucks, please just play it safe with some snowmen next year, okay?

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(Photos via Starbucks)