These days, there are so many dating apps that it can be hard to choose just one, let alone figure out which will give you the best results. Plus, there are tons of unique challenges that come along with these apps, like potentially becoming the victim of a scam or having to navigate whether online flirting is cheating once you finally meet a match. Eek! Any online dating veteran will tell you that the key to getting what you want out of dating apps is knowing what you鈥檙e looking for, but testing all of them out can be exhausting. To save you hours of 鈥渞esearch,鈥 we asked five real women which apps they love and why. Find out which one best fits with what you鈥檙e looking for below and DL away.


1. Hinge: 鈥淚 like Hinge because it limits the number of people you can swipe through in a day. Endlessly swiping through potential mates is kind of depressing and, to be honest, a little creepy. I feel like limiting the number of options really erases that concern for me. I also really like that you have to have a mutual friend with matches. Even though it could be a person you鈥檙e not that close with, at least you have someone you can ask about your date if you need to.鈥 鈥 RM

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2. Tinder: 鈥淭inder is my favorite one, I think mostly out of sheer numbers. There are the most people on it, so the numbers of matches and responses are high. It also moves pretty quickly, so there鈥檚 less time wasting chats; you tend to figure out if you鈥檙e interested in someone enough to go out with them or not within a day or two, because the messaging back and forth is on the faster side. And sure, there are creeps and sexist and racist comments, but those happen with all dating apps. And with Tinder, at least they happen right off the bat as opposed to a week in.鈥 鈥 JG

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3. Her: 鈥淗er is the best. But that鈥檚 obviously because it鈥檚 populated only by women.鈥 鈥 SW

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4. Bumble: 鈥 I like that I have the 鈥榗hoice鈥 in who to pick and who to message. I *really* like that I get to message first because it takes the guesswork out of waiting for someone else to reach out. And, in my experience, the men are BY FAR much more attractive, educated and ambitious than I would typically find on Tinder or OK Cupid (my other two go-to鈥檚). I鈥檝e had plenty of successful dates from it and, not to sound cheesy, met my boyfriend, who is the best man I鈥檝e ever met in my entire life and who I plan to marry鈥 So, yes, Bumble!鈥 鈥 IG

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5. OKCupid: 鈥淚 like it the most because the focus is less on pictures and more on the writing to each other and compatibility. Other apps had me matching with literally everyone and had either no text or one sentence 鈥 not super conducive to anything but casual hookups.鈥 鈥 EM

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