Gone are the days of blinging out our notebooks with Lisa Frank stickers, but that doesn鈥檛 mean we have to miss out on all the fun! Adulting stickers have started popping up for purchase across Etsy shops and other online stores, and when it comes to capturing our feelings about the challenges of acting our age, they hit the nail on the head. Whether you鈥檙e buying them as gifts for a friend or to spice up your planner, these stickers are an inexpensive treat that will make you feel a little more understood in your adulting challenges. Check out six of our favorites below.


1. Everburg Design Studio 鈥淚 Won an Argument on the Internet鈥 Sticker ($6): Between Twitter spats and passive aggressive emails at the office, much of our drama takes place online, but that doesn鈥檛 make it any less satisfying to walk away the winner.


2. Jumping Pineapple 鈥淗aven鈥檛 Yelled All Day鈥 Sticker ($6): As adults, we鈥檙e expected to keep our cool no matter how frustrated we feel. Getting through a day without raising our voice in the midst of commutes, blemishes and all other things annoying, often feels like sweet victory.


3. Everburg Design Studio 鈥淚 Got My Flu Shot Today and I Didn鈥檛 Bite Anyone鈥 Sticker ($6): Like clockwork, flu season rolls around each year, and with it comes the eternal question: to get the flu shot or not to get the flu shot? Those of us brave enough to go under the needle 鈥 and be well-behaved while we鈥檙e at it 鈥 still deserve a sticker, even if we鈥檙e not toddlers.


4. Stickies by C&S 鈥淒idn鈥檛 Eat All the Food鈥 Sticker ($4): It鈥檚 hard not to miss our pre-adult metabolisms and even harder to resist the urge to snack like crazy, especially on a day full of grown-up stresses.


5. ShortStack Designs 鈥淕uess Who Bought Groceries鈥 Sticker ($3): Takeout makes life so insanely easy, but word on the street is that 鈥渞eal adults鈥 keep their refrigerators stocked too. Who knew that errands could be such a pain?


6. Everburg Design Studio 鈥淚 Didn鈥檛 Maim or Strangle Any Coworkers Today鈥 Sticker ($6): In spite of our best efforts to get along with our colleagues, it鈥檚 not always office parties and after-work happy hours. Maturity is all about playing nice 鈥 and avoiding inflicting bodily harm at all costs.

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(Featured photo via StickiesByCnS)